Secret Agenda Behind BLM

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CIA contra missions:

Prison growth from 1980-2013

Biden compeletion

Black marriage vs all american marriage rates

Fatherless homes stats

victims by race

Boys with a purpose Go Fund Me

Written by The Truth Factory


  1. All the while Trump's campaign "was influenced by"/ directly benefitted from outside government interference with our election. Not to mention he's directly benefitted from conspiracy theorists (alex jones and roger stone if you need to fact check) CONSPIRACY THEORISTS! Literally wackiest people alive. The fact that is missing is that the black community has been asking for change forever. OF COURSE they're going to do everything they can to create positive change for their movement, including "taking advantage of crisis moments to create long term change.

  2. That teacher that created that role model club for those kids is an absolute gem. It's groups like those that have the ability to influence an entire community in such a positive way. I had a basketball coach that was amazing at pulling the whole team together and showing us good values and genuinely cared about each of our well being.

  3. According to office Brendan Tatum no knock warrants are essential in saving lives you knock and say police it gives them a chance to get themselves together and get their guns to start shooting….
    The element of surprise with no Knox saves it's lives…. in Breonna Taylor's case it was stated the police did knock…. Even though they had a no knock warrant

  4. let me guess biden was heavily invested in these prisons but also construction companies that built those prisons 'That man would sell his mother crack to make a buck

  5. Hey I’m Canadian and follow you and the US news closely. I’m not a BLM supporter at all because of many reasons such as their own mission statement , political narrative/agenda, because they avoid the real problems and fundamentally because all lives matter and more.
    I am in Western Canada(BC) and the following news article came out and I thought it might interest you. In western Canada there have never been any slaves, yet BLM has gone into China town to erase their history to have a white person paint a BLM mural in China town.
    The Chinese labour force in early Canada were the ones whose lives took a very heavy loss in the developing Canada, yet the BLM is cancelling their struggle and hardship to sell the BLM false narrative. I agree with my Chinese Canadians that this is erasing their culture.