Secret behind Hollywood’s power. And why they are afraid of the WOKE.

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Herewith I reveal to you the real power Hollywood wields. I also take a guess at why the big studios let the woke run amuck.

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Written by Call me Chato


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  1. I feel like some pretty reliable data sets to draw the conclusion that indeed if you go woke in fact we will not watch them and they won't do well and you had more than enough advanced warning to go ahead and cancel or reshoot whatever you're doing that when it inevitably does fail it will be your fault that it did. It's those Hollywood rules that are tanking that Hollywood credit. Also get woke go broke is a relatively recent phenomenon. Woke as it exists today has only really existed in mainstream zeitgeist since like 2008.

  2. Hollywood still operates under the ospices that they're still highly influential. That's hubris. Hollywood has been usurped. It occupies a derilect throne in an abandoned kingdom and pretends to be the cool kid to an empty room and eats rat carcasses.

  3. I'm not certain I would call the progressives of eld "the SJW's of there time." I, with my political beliefs in thinking we should measure mankind with the ruler of merit, would have been considered a radical 60 years ago, a liberal 30 years ago, and am now considered a racist by SJW's today.

  4. 💯✖️🔟% agree with your assertion that Hollywood was always full of sjws the difference being they " understood the craft of filmmaking " I've said this so many times to my associates.🍕

  5. My only problem with WOKE programming is that it is a lie. It claims to be based upon inclusion, yet it's ultimate goal is to remove all white culture and white people from entertainment. Explain to me how this is inclusion?

  6. Can verify that the "bigger" the film, the more screens are taken up by them AND the bigger the auditorium they're placed within. Source: I worked for a movie theater for a couple of years.

  7. SJW's of modern era are completely incapable of making thought provoking or profound pieces of work. I hold a distinct difference in someone making something profound as being talented, yet normal. So I won't label them SJW's but could label them as Social Justice Warriors. SJW's of this era like to label themselves as a Social Justice Warrior… But they aren't… They are the alternate meaning of the initials of SJW'S – They are SIMPLY JEALOUS WANKERS.

  8. Hey Chato or viewers, please help me. I am trying to find an old Chato video where you tell how we got to this miserable point of woke over quality. You mentioned things like college students being impregnated with relentless SJW teaching and then taking that brainwashing into Hollywood. Do you/anyone remember what video that was?

  9. I really miss the days of movies made by people like Steven Spielberg and Tim Burton, who would pour good film after good film out. Sure they had some duds but a dud or two between some great movies is not that bad.

  10. Pretty much nailed it I want to enjoy the stories that Hollywood creates but it seems like they have hired individuals who don’t have the talent to tell stories and are now too afraid to fire these people.

  11. I'd say Gene Roddenberry was just as politically conscious as any SJW today, but he knew how to present a story. He respected his audience's intelligence. In my estimation, the most socially conscious moment in the original "Star Trek" wasn't the historic Kirk and Uhura Kiss. It was in "Errand of Mercy" when Captain Kirk left Mr. Sulu, a Japanese American, in command of the starship Enterprise. This was in the 1960s, and World War II wasn't that long ago. I wouldn't be too surprised if a few network execs wanted to commit hari-kari after they heard that idea.

  12. I wonder if it isn't also a little of the problem I have seen with the newer politicians they go to university the study politics go straight into the political machine and miss out on the real world. they seem to have by passed that paying your dues Look at the number of big names who started working the B movie school of hard knocks with people like Cormn learning how to make something out of a stack of egg cartons some leftovers from previous films and the money found down the back of the couch. Now I could be wrong if I had a buck for every time I was wrong I could bank roll blockbusters myself

  13. Thank God for Peter Sellers. Thank you for this look-see at the industry. They say all things must come to an end. It appears Hollywood is heading that way.
    As for the so called SJWs they remind me of the kid who knocks down the tower his playmate just built. Nature abhors a void and they too will be replaced. Most likely by A.I. I believe A.I. will do a much better job.

  14. We have to remember who's in charge nowadays. That who is the Alphabet Mafia, they work in all the right jobs with the right titles and they make all their decisions based upon their ideology. And yes, the Alphabet Mafia have a very radical ideology that's why they can destroy everything and since they're in charge NOBODY CAN STOP THEM.

    The Alphabet Mafia is really a cult and cults are always so radical that if/when they start to lose their power, they will kill themselves.

  15. When you get right down to it, at the foundation of it all, it all comes back to the old programmer's saying, GIGO. That is to say, garbage in, garbage out. If the people who are writing , have never read a book, written a script, or even listened to anything but recent TV and movies, then that is what they'll base their output on. The farther back you go , the more the creative types had actually grown up reading well written books, going to plays written by literate and insightful writers, and being taught by teachers who saw the word "quality" as meaning more than "financially successful". If the creative types are afraid to take risks, you'll get material that is made with the bottom line only in mind. As far as the SJW's go, they're just louder, whinier, more entitled , and more pompous versions of the people who burned comic books to stop juvenile deliquents from being created, or howled about the moral degeneracy of Hollywood in the twenties , or went after the " video nasties " in Britain to " protect the children ". It's all louder, more annoying, and in the end, just as likely to fall on its face and look stupid over time. Just calm down, and let the crap get shoveled up and dumped.

  16. Computer games, not movies, are the most labour intensive product sold to the general public, by far. It takes a few years to create a new AAA game with a new engine, and even after its release it still needs to be developed.

  17. Are the networks even relevant anymore? Does anyone still watch them? I confess I am my own Programming Director and haven't watched anything from the former "Big Three" in well over a decade. What we used to call "Pop Culture" has long since died, and been replaced by Personal Culture.

  18. A major player that you leave out is the ultracoveted 16-24 demographic, whom they are replacing the 18-45 white male demographic with. They're mimicking social justice to retool what used to be the Big Draw when WE were the "it crowd" in order to woo and begin to make future nostalgia for the current "it crowd." Since Marxism and revolution are in, they need to target us, the leftovers, as part of the whole plan; they expected us to hate this product, and you will likely not see one dude with white skin and grey hair in a single test audience unless they're there to mop up the heavy petting juices from the real test audience in the 16-24's that your favorite franchise has actually been retooled to impress.

    Part of the "it crowd" thing is to also toss whypepo off the show, especially if they're professional and good for writing and production, as this crowd's notorious attention span only leads to claims of "ableism" when they have to think about a movie in any way. This is why movies and TV shows begin wit the Closed Caption signs on already and have their plot very awkwardly expositioned by the main characters to the point of robbing any actual interest from the work.

    Also remember that the writers, editors, developers, producers, directors, cinematographers, janitors, septic tank removers and on the set drug peddlers are all 16-24 year old BIPACs of an unconventional gender and/or sexuality when compared to the usual demographic of the genre being developed, and remember that it isn't this new crew, but the absence of the old crew, that is the real point (there's a reason Sex in the City isn't being "reimagined" with a crew of black dudes filming the redo, despite the bizarre money draw Sex and the City used to be).

    Most of them know they're there to ruin things for whypepo with a pennnis and LOVE the opportunity to ruin whypepo with a painys's day more than anything else, but the saddest thing is that some of them genuinely think they were hired because of their talent and individual love of the franchise. Imagine the gut-punch when they finally realize they were part of the dupe, when they quit lying to themselves and taking the reassuring lies of the liars who took the genre over in the first place that they just "need to be themselves and go do your thang, gurl." They won't even get a second to survive on their own, because Hollywood history is "so white" (yes, it is predominately Jewish, but guess who is white to the yungpepo these days?).

    I cannot wait until we get to hear the side of the story these "BiPAC" hires will eventually tell when the disillusion washes over them at last, because they are hated and disrespected by the execs and "real target audience" even more than we are.

  19. hello Chato! by the way did you know Chato is slang Spanish word for people with small nose

    i just saw your "Hollywood hates man-child" on and on several times, because i agree with your words and I wish someone from above listen to you and take notes!

    then i subscribe your channel and started enjoying your old videos, specially the ones about opinion

    but then i came across this one, and it makes me feel weird, are you defending Hollywood and SJW? or my English is not that god? did i understand that you're almost telling the Nerds Fans to relax with the crap we get this days? am i missing something?

    no hard feelings, I'm still enjoying 99.9% of opinion

    Saludos de.mexico cabron!!!

  20. I am not advocating to nostalgia, but taking my 2 kids and wife, I noticed how disinterested in nowadays franchises are even to cartoons. My oldest dis not watch all Star Wars’ and Marvel’s movies and their spin-offs.

    Indeed, current cartoons are so degraded to amount of blobs of colors and pre-woke seasoning.

    Most of the times I am resourcing YouTube countless channels with old cartoons and classics to watch.

  21. I am not advocating to nostalgia, but taking my 2 kids and wife as an example, I noticed how disinterested in nowadays franchises they are even to cartoons. My oldest dis not watch all Star Wars’ and Marvel’s movies and their spin-offs.

    Indeed, even the current cartoons are so degraded to amount of blobs of colors and pre-woke seasoning.

    Most of the times I am resourcing YouTube countless channels with old cartoons and classics to watch.

  22. Hollywood isn't just about looking for GOOD Press/PR/Headlines, it is about avoiding BAD press/PR/Headlines. In this era of Social Media, even the SMALLEST of groups can create a Firestorm of Bad PR when they feel offended. But the WOKE are all about being offended about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So Hollywood will keep making disastrously WOKE projects that fail again and again, in the futile hope that they can make something so WOKE that the WOKE crowd will approve and not generate bad PR. This is a laughable goal because NOTHING will EVER be WOKE enough to satisfy the WOKE. Hollywood's existence was driven by the desire for approval…but since the WOKE are all about DIS-approval, Hollywood is FINISHED !!

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