SECRET DOCUMENTS Reveal Coronavirus Mysteries

Just when you thought the coverup of the origins of the coronavirus couldn’t get any shadier, it just did. Documents obtained by the online American news site The Intercept give damning information about the National Institutes of Health, the US taxpayer-funded health organization EcoHealth Alliance, and the journal Nature Medicine. Watch this episode of China Uncensored for more on the secret documents that reveal some of the mysteries about the coronavirus.

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Written by China Uncensored

China Uncensored will bring you the uncensored truth about the Chinese Communist Party's secret plan to take over the world. Just kidding.


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  1. Although, obviously, there's a massive, MASSIVE amount of blame to be placed on the Chinese Communist Party just in the fact that there NEVER, EVER seems to be ANY legitimate humility, honesty, facts, or truth when it comes to just saying "Yes, it's true. We f-cked up. We're guilty. We're guilty in so many ways, it's not even funny."

    There is also a massive, MASSIVE amount of blame to go around on every industrialized, militarized, nation on this planet that plays together (or apart) with all these insanely DANGEROUS and DEADLY viruses. When this story is backtracked to where it all began when we start asking questions about how the Wuhan lab in China could f-ck something like this up so badly, then we have to list the Canadian government and its intelligence agency and their military and then the Untied (yes, you read that correctly, I wrote untied) States government and its intelligence agency (the C.I.A.) as well as the NSA and the U.S. military and its various internal intelligence agencies, perhaps, even including DARPA, and then we go back a bit further and find out that the British Crown and the British government and its intelligence agencies MI6 and MI5, as well as their military, are involved and then you have to throw in the French company that was contracted to help the Chinese build the Wuhan Level 4 lab as well.

    Do any of you know the backstory of what happened during the construction of the Wuhan lab and the relationship between this French company and the idiotic, arrogant, and ignorant Chinese Communist Party? The CCP thew out the French design and construction company BEFORE the lab was even close to being finished. Gee, I wonder what happened? Could it be that because the Chinese (in general, Chinese construction companies, who are tied in DEEPLY with the CCP … as ALL Chinese businesses and corporations are because they HAVE to be, otherwise … well, you know what'll happen to those who don't co-operate, right?) construction companies were skimming funds off the top which was (OBVIOUSLY) creating a VERY dangerous group of buildings that would never pass a safety inspection and the French knew this and they saw what was going on and therefore, the CCP decided that it would be better if this French company just left the country while the CCP's minions finished the job. And, well, now we have the situation that this entire planet is in right now, no thanks whatsoever to not just the CCP, but no thanks to all the countries and corporations who are also involved in this horrible outcome.

    Do you think this will ever end at this point? Ever? Obviously, the answer to that question is a big, fat, NO! NEVER! We're in it now, my friends! ₳₲€₦Ɑ₳-21 has been achieved, and ₳₲€₦Ɑ₳-30 has been in the works as well. You'll see. That is if any of us live to tell about it. Right, Mr. Gates and Mr. Schwab?

  2. its a pity that the ones "advocating science" against "conspiracy theorists" are the ones undermining trust in the scientific society the most. who, fauci, daszak. what a biological waste.

  3. Saw all the comments on this video. I agree that this Conspiricy theory seems fake. What i find interesting is how the US government is creating Conspiricy theories on rival governments for people here to argue over. Dons't matter if its real, the debate is somewhat charged and drawing attention to the CCP.

  4. This does not alter the fact that the United States response to the COVID-19 outbreak turned into pandemic was inadequate and pathetic. Not just at the national level but local level as well. The states of New York and Florida were denying Covid-19 deaths, cases and covering them up. Releasing this information would not have altered that. It just would have boosted Trump's claim that it was all China's fault.

  5. Fauci is a traitor, he should be indicted for treason for funding the development of a biological weapon, and perjury for lying to Congress. I have a professor friend who published a paper proving that the virus has DNA sequences not found in nature, proving that it came from a laboratory, which is peer reviewed. It proves that it was a bio weapon.

  6. I represent 1.4 billion of Chinese people to strongly condemn and resolutely oppose the US why you outsource dangerous experiment to other country you nimby trash

  7. Why on earth did NIH cover this up by not releasing the documents earlier? This looks really bad not only for China for running the experiments without proper precautions, but also the US for not making it clear that this is likely to have happened. It wasn't necessarily wrong to fund research to see what was out there as many pandemics have come out of China, but it was wrong not to tell the world that this research hadn't been done up to scratch likely causing the pandemic and at lobbied for the research to be handed over immediately so at least everyone knew what we were dealing with early.

  8. This video stupidly conflates warnings about collecting samples in the field due to the possibility that bat CVs could jump to humans, with the coverup of a lab leak. In the former, the possibility is due to a NATURAL cause because of the unknown nature of what they might be collecting. In the latter, genetically engineered viruses are encouraged to progress towards gain of function models to yield material for experimentation under the premise that they are specifically designed to enter human cells.

  9. People preach against anything spiritual for the sake of science, but what they don't know is that science is often very corrupt, to the point where random scientific research lead held by corrupt people lead to the biggest pandemic since the Spanish flu.

    I still believe the earth is round and evolution is true, don't get me wrong, but maybe humans should stop trying to play the role of the gods.

  10. So let's just up-skill a coronavirus at a university lab with only biosecurity level 3. Yeah… very smart! Not to mention that the PLA bought up on PCR testing equipment from Sinopharm in May 2019. Hmmmmmm……

  11. The CCP virus was deliberately covered up since early fall of 2019, and purposely released with collusion of Peter Daszak, Tony Fauci, WHO, and leftist democrats in order to ruin President Trump's thriving American economy, stop his pressure on China, and create chaotic distractions in order to undermine integrity and steal the election. Nothing is coincidence.

  12. FAUCI tried to turn AIDS into a pandemic TOO… NOT his first try……… IN order to protect yourself from any virus… YOU need a full suit and oxygen supply………. WOW… Doesn't anyone open a book anymore……….

  13. An award winning microbiologist has said… If you have taken a remedy… You have UNTIL the year 2025, to live… Which falls in line with what a military contractor said… THEY said, by the year 2025, 3 out of 4 Americans will be dead………

  14. This shows that USA and China are creating this pandemic, who befits from this China and globalist have flourished under Covid and small business and the people suffer and now some are looking to communism as a solution it it’s maddening.

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