Secret HUNTER BIDEN FBI Investigation REVEALED By Antony Blinken

Krystal and Saagar cover the latest news surrounding the FBI investigation of Hunter Biden after Antony Blinken was confronted about it by a congressman

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  1. Once again, if this was eric trump, you all would have been screaming for his head on a pike in front of the white house! Nothing but hypocrisy, plain and simple. His son should be in jail and biden should be heavily investigated!

  2. Yep it will be nothing you know why because it doesn't fit the narrative these f** want to put out you know what I'm old and I don't give a f*** anymore and they is going to tell the truth that they ain't going to tell the truth and most of the times they're lying if their lips are moving their line y'all want to believe these motherfukers you go ahead I don't trust a goddamn one of them I wouldn't trust them with my pet grasshopper

  3. 'Is this the kind of normal corruption that everyone engages in, or is it something important [that could affect power]?'

    Sometimes the workings of people's minds are shocking, appalling and utterly mystifying. To even put something like that out on the public record.

  4. Why would he want to bring this to light? If the FBI is FINALLY investigating Biden and his family’s alleged corruption, maybe let it be. Though I doubt they are. It’s more likely they are hiding it

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