SECRET RECORDING: Exxon Exec Reveals How Politicians Are Bought

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


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  1. Pollution is bad. Climate change has nothing to do with human activity. It's a cosmos thing and we can not stop what is happening via anything humans do.

    There is a lot of science that backs up my statement. Research for yourself. No I won't list the thousands of science articles that prove my statement. I did my research do your own

  2. The problem is this, you can not change the climate in just under 300 years. You CAN manipulate the weather. I seen it first hand in Australia. Using haarp, laser(orbital lasers) seeding, massive clouding making machines, and massive super high frequency (military) communication station (which charges the atmosphere, either positive or negative, at will. You can prevent rain from forming in California, just from lasers and super high frequency communication stations. Most if the fires in Australia was cause by Laser( energy weapons) quite sure this is happing in the west part of America

  3. None of this is shocking to me everyone knows our government is own and controlled by these multi billion dollar corp. always
    have been. Our government doesn't give a damn about the average American they never have, this is why I hate our useless
    government and every politician on capitol hill.

  4. omg we have carbon tax hear it only hurts the poor and workers the rich can afford it the rest of us are paying almost 7 dollars a gallon in gas and the rich get to write off their fuel bills as a business expense.Costing them nothing

  5. If climate change was so dangerous wouldnt all countries for humanity sake stop polluting our world and work together to change it? But lets through tax money at it while these companies make a fortune. What good is $$$ if its armaggedon again. These lying criminals

  6. China and Russia and South Africa and all the others that did not come to the climate summit was right. Then you have the US taking about China not showing up to the summit.

  7. It sounds like a better bill. Government should be rebuilding roads and bridges and not pretending it knows how to rebuild a planet. Exxon is certainly not pure as the virgin snow. It is working the system because government is corrupt. If that is true then why should we be letting government undertake such a large planet rebuild?

  8. I agree with him, focus on roads and bridges, natural resources. Wake up sheeples. Climate change is just a fancy word for wealth transfer from the tax payer to the billionaire elites. Carbon tax is another form of wealth transfer. Wake up sheeples.

  9. global warming "science" is a bunch of manipulated data sets to get America to fund it's own demise. CO2 rises and there is no change in temp, but there is a huge increase in forestation. why, if it is such an issue, is the suns not factored into the data? why did the original chair of the oceanography on the ipcc resign in protest for the data not being reported properly? any science by decree is bad science. but hey, want to fix the issue, build thorium reactors, we have only had this tech since the 60's! but i bet there would be a bunch of "climate scientist" that would fight that tooth and nail. why, because if there is no "man made climate change" then the money stops, and this is big business now. U.S. spend $22 billion on climate studies in 2020. but the impact to our country in the retardation of it's development and the removal of lucrative industrial business to other nations that do not care, like china. the impact to the u.s. economy is incalculable.

  10. The climate crisis is mostly the sun… but keep blaming the people while omitting any data that might possibly implicate the sun as a primary culprit.
    "How to lie with statistics", "rules for radicals", Edward Bernays- the people pushing the climate scam all use the same tactics.

  11. Also the car companies pretend they care about the climate by making electric cars is a scam too because the power still comes from fossil. They also get subsidies from the gov. It's the latest scam and Biden is a liquid piece of excrement.

  12. Funny how Biden shuts down pipelines and ends oil leases, and the price of gas skyrockets to the highest levels ever. And who benefits? Big oil benefits because they get to raise prices. Biden is killing competition for big oil and big oil loves him for it.

  13. Lol how do you guys fall for such a stupid scam. I respect Jimmy but I'm starting to think he's dumber then I realized. This is not an Exxon executive bro!! Lol this is embarrassing Jimmy dore. Please say on your next show you were fooled and you realize climate change agenda is just to enslave and kill the working class

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