Secret Service DENIES Key Trump Jan 6 Testimony | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar evaluate the secret service’s response to Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony about Trump getting into a physical altercation with agents and what it means for the J6 committee

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Madison Hilly:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. I mean really…is this a surprise? Someone says something and another denies it and we sit around going 'DUH, I wonder who is telling the truth. Oh well, I guess I won't do anything about anything anymore. I give up.'

  2. It is the JOB of SECRET Service agents to keep secrets. They screwed the f up and blabbed to Cassidy, and now they are covering their own asses, because their CAREERS are OVER if they ADMIT that they blabbed to someone; ANYONE and broke their "clients" trust. There is NO UNIVERSE where Tony Ornato says, "Yup, I told Cassidy that", regardless of whether it IS TRUE or not! That would be career suicide. THINK people, because right now, Saager, Krystal and most of you commenters are clearly thinking about 3 or 4 steps behind reality and human nature.

  3. They both seem to be missing the overarching truth about the committee. It has been preordained that Trump is guilty of inciting an insurrection and are only looking for "facts" that support that ultimate finding. That has been obvious from the very beginning in the fact that they would not allow the Republican side of the House to name their participants. Pelosi chose them, and selected only anti-Trump members like Cheney. The result of the "investigation" is that Trump committed a crime and will be referred to the Senate for impeachment (hoping that 3rd time is the charm). They are not interested in any information that does not support the inevitable outcome.

  4. Anyone who has been near an official vehicle would know it’s not physically possible for the backseat passenger to lunge for the steering wheel.

  5. The J6 trial is all democratic propaganda and I don’t even care about it anymore especially after two impeachments and nothing coming from that. I’m over the Democratic Party and which it could just go away like the Whigs. Time for a third, 4th or even 5th party to raise from all the chaos that is this two party corruption.

  6. 😂 😂 Sagar time to get a new dance partner krystal at this point just a cnn shill it's doesnt matter if she's lying wtf

  7. Good job listening to anything out of the hearing and thinking it meets muster…you bought it hook line and sinker…DON'T FOLLOW THE MSM Krystal and Saagar…you made a stupid mistake…

  8. The Secret Service did not deny that Trump got very angry and wanted to go and lead the riot. That on ots own is insane.

    Every single word that comes out of Sagaar's mouth is dishonest BS. He is a right wing fascist. Ball endorses his fascism by sitting next to him.

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