Secret Trump Voters Are REAL new Survey Finds more Proof, Trump Victory Inbound

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  1. "Don’t leave it to the Democrats to get rid of Trump. YOU have to get rid of Trump. WE have to wake up every day for the next 67 days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote. ACT NOW!" says Michael Moore….

    And Moore's sycophants ARE acting…….by screaming, yelling, maiming, burning, smashing, slashing and KILLING innocent people, ensuring that those 100 voters will pull the lever for TRUMP!!!!!

  2. I wouldn't let my husband put a Trump sign in our yard for fear of retribution. We r voting TRUMP, partly due to the fact that the violent left made us fear putting a sign up.

  3. I have voted on the Liberal side my entire adult life until last election. I secretly voted Trump and I'm glad I did it secretly. The amount of hate and unhinged vitriol the Left spewed was scary. Even if I just defended someone from an attack on Facebook my inbox was spammed with people who, "Can't believe I would side with a (fill in the blank)". The man hadn't even been sworn in and they were off the chain. My wife doesn't even know I voted Trump because I just don't want to divorce her when she says something ridiculous about Russia.

  4. My family and friends are all literally scared to have a Trump sign or banner on property. Definitely will not publicly express outward support. Its like asking to be targeted. Nothing "shy" about it. Silly word to use. But our votes will speak.

  5. We had a socialist communist government in Chile… please don't let that happen in the US… people will suffer hunger and violence by the left government and unions…. It can happen here again as we had socialist riots and violence. I hope Trump wins. I think he will not let Chile fall into communism again.

  6. I’m a shy Trump voter. I have to be if not I will lose my job or be crucified socially.
    It’s sad that I’m not able to voice my opinion without a feeling that there will be repercussions if I do so.

  7. "You get more flies with honey than vinegar." Stupid saying.
    Depends on the type of flies you want to attract. Fruit flies for instance, should actually be called vinegar flies since they are attracted to the vinegar smell of over aged fruit. Vinegar, water, and dish soap = fruit fly trap. Honey don't catch nothin but ants.

  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Trump supporters were secretive. Even in Britain you get set on for saying anything even remotely positive about him.
    It was the same with Brexit and look how voting went with that.

  9. No shit bruh, I've been trying to register but for some reason the new id numbers issued for Washington state won't work online. So I have to print out the form and do it by mail unfortunately. I work for a place that is very left and they shove it in your face at every moment. The employees that are above me constantly speak of their politics, bad mouthing Trump with zero mention of the bs from their own side. At one time I agreed with the left more, even not being on board with Trump at first, but wasn't for Hilary either. As I watched the reaction and researched more I found myself on the side of Trump more so now. It's not about left or right for me, its about who is the best candidate, who I agree with, and who will do the best job. Biden is a useless prop and Horrible Harris was a garbage presidential candidate so why would she be a good vice president? I normally would not vote as I've felt it didn't matter, but this year, you bet your ass i am voting and its for the orange man!

  10. Not only vote for Trump. Vote R.E.D. Remove Every Democrat. Get rid of liberal judges, school supervisor down to city clerks. Every one of them.

  11. So how many are with me when they say they would vote for Biden on surveys then vote Trump at election time?
    I'm also a registered Dem and vote in the Democrat primary ? just to skew the numbers and hose all those running surveys!