‘Secretive and sinister’: Whistle blown on Dan Andrews’ ‘authoritarian’ scheme

A scheme “cooked up” by Victorian Premier Dan Andrews in a “secretive and authoritarian way” has just had the whistle blown on it, says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“Let me you a story of the most expensive building project by any state government in our history, that now looks as a sick as a dog,” Mr Bolt said.

“Four years ago, the secretive and sinister Victorian government of Labor premier Daniel Andrews announced it was going to build something massive, the biggest ever.

“But Daniel Andrews, in his typical, secretive and authoritarian war, cooked up this scheme with just a tight group of friends and allies, and a couple of bureaucrats sworn to secrecy.

“But now the independent parliamentary budget office has blown the whistle.

“It’s today said Andrews’ plan won’t cost $50 billion. Just the first two stages alone of this three-stage project are predicted to cost $125 billion.”


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  1. Excellent, Andrew. I’ve been waiting for the spotlight to shine on DA. What about all the business people who lost their businesses, Victorians who so sadly committed suicide?
    You can go and on. The media slammed SM …. now take a closer look at DA. Thank you Andrew. It’s about time! KL. WA

  2. 65 years and they have done nothing for this Country but sell us out and raise taxes and fill their own pockets they are Puppets controlled by the Elite wake up people

  3. 😱 I know how it is, my governor is the disturbed loser from California… These men are from the same mold.. They are repulsive… My grandfather fought beside Australian soldiers in the 2nd World War… New Guniea.. Wewak .. He adored his Australian brothers and your country.. I stand beside you … LET FREEDOM RING… xoxo California

  4. we need the opposition to get of their arses and fight Andrews …why is trying so hard to fight the truth about covid19 being released ….he's a thug we need to vote him out enough of his hearings being done in secrecy ….aged people down on the peninsular are without services Victorians can't afford to live ..but he doesn't care he's having a fund raiser for his rich buddies 4,500 a ticket to help with his campaign…his has run all the health services into the ground what does he car l bet his ambulance wasn't ramped for hours after his supposed trip down the stairs l bet he got the best of the best while robbing his tax paying citerzens of their hard earned money …..we need answers to the reasons why we were the most ok down place in the world he destroyed so many lives deprived families what was bret Sutton's latest post that vaccines didn't do their job …VICTORIAN'S NEED ANSWERS ….go back and look at the footage of tax paying Victorians being shot in the back with rubber bullets the the police lined up looking like they were from the future not our everyday police firing on tax paying citerzens it was shocking when it happened it's even more shocking to look back at what the Andrews government is capable of

  5. V/Line kept over spending secret at the last election.
    Dan and Jerome got the V/line board to play along.
    Look into Jerome’s British mates at metro.
    Corrupt tendering?

  6. All Labor governments are only good at three things:: 1/ Lying to voters and parliament. 2/ Spending our money on over-cost and overtime white elephant BS projects that are of very little benefit to most Australians. 3/ Blaming everyone else, or someone or nobody for their failures.

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