Security guard SHOOTS shopper for defying mask rule inside store. WTF

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Written by Louis Rossmann


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  1. Not buying this.

    This man was barred from possessing a firearm and very clearly did not shoot the man for not wearing a mask. He wanted to kill the man for whatever reason and was just grasping at straws for a defense strategy.

  2. There is a difference from a private home and a store. U can't shot someone bcoz they shoplift. And u can't shot ppl in the street bcoz no mask. Ifvthe self defense should hold then the court say u can do that!

  3. The man who was shot 3 times was brought to the hospital for surgery so I guess the "key evidence" will be the silly PCR test that has a high false positive result. I'm sick of this C-19 crap. I don't deny that some are getting sick and dying but this also happened with the seasonal flu that suddenly disappeared along with other causes of death when the hype began. "The Last American Vagabond" channel on various platforms has a very convincing argument against the Covid narrative that sadly it seems Louis has bought into.

  4. The victim leaving but then coming back into the store is a pretty clear sign that he had decided on a confrontation. However, a sane response to them not showing any sign of a weapon would be pepper spray or maybe a baton or physical restraint. The gun should only come out when there is a clear fear for one's life/safety of others/ability to retreat (in states with such requirements in their self-defense laws).

    That said, there have been quite a few incidents during this epidemic where security guards enforcing mask use have been beaten or even shot in the back of the head trying to enforce these mask mandates. Someone who makes an issue of wearing a mask is, IMO, a huge red flag that screams "I am an entitled jackhole who is going to cause problems."

  5. This is why masks should be banned, they are causing so much mayhem all over the world. If masks were banned there would be less gun violence therefore gun infringments could be reversed.

  6. Well Louis while your understanding of self defense law seems to be… a bit off. Your conclusions are generally correct. While details will differ from state to state the standard for lethal force is generally “An Objective and Subjective Belief That There Imminent Danger of Death or Grievous Bodily Harm.”

    Basically this mean:
    #1 That their must be a threat of death or serious bodily harm (a black eye probably wouldn’t cut it, probably…)
    #2 The threat must be imminent (doesn’t count if they ain’t gonna kill you until tomorrow, probably…)
    #3 a reasonable person would have been in fear of the threat (objective standard) and
    #4 you were actually in fear of the threat at the time (subjective standard)

    Regardless this did not meet the criteria this was not a self defense shooting.

  7. The 4x felon and registered child sex offender did not shoot that guy because of the mask policy – he shot that guy because he's clearly unable to make good life choices.

  8. I think everyone in these comments is too hooked on this particular guy and isn't talking about the hypothetical presented. Louis says obviously this guy is crazy and guilty, BUT, is there a similar scenario in which a security guard could be justified in shooting someone in a business for refusing to wear a mask or leave?

  9. Funny fact. The guy I'm training right now has a second job as security at a store dedicated to selling alcohol. We both found this funny and unbelievable. Those offenses would prevent anyone from obtaining a security licence here, forget getting a gun. But hey, in the US you can probably get a gun at your car dealership while your oil is getting changed. Meanwhile here you have to buy a gun smuggled in from the US.

  10. In our local area we have been directed not to be mean to people not wearing masks as they may have additional needs such as autism or pts esp if they have been sexually assaulted. It’s so messed up that this predator was allowed to even terrorise this man by threatening him with a gun and I hope he is gaoled for a long time over this death.

  11. Do you know that there are a person in Colombia with a shop repair like yours? He repairs even the original crash glass of iPhone, and the rest of apple’s products. Now he has stores in Mexico, Panama, Bolivia ( all different countries!!)

  12. Some facts:
    – a test for covid isn't 100% secure,exist false positive
    – the vaccine don't remove the possibility to infect other with covid, in effect if in a family one take the vaccine and the other no is almost certain that the rest will be infected and in a stronger form also.

  13. I still don’t understand why we equip security guards with lethal guns when there are plenty of non lethal deterrents that are commonly used in anti riot applications. Police forces should obviously have guns but people who are simply hired as security guards aren’t required to have the same training and discipline.

  14. So this is not a case of violence against someone who didn't wanted to wear a facemask, this is a case of a company giving a weapon to a mentally unstable criminal, and then that guy trying to kill the first guy who sorta gave him a reason. And no, there is a scalation of force criteria, so his argument is even worse than bs.

  15. I am an armed guard that works in California. We are not allowed to shoot a person because they cough on me. Or even if they did have the virus. Deadly force can only happen as a last resort. Unless the person had a weapon and becomes the argressor in the situation. Meaning i cannot seek for the situation to happen. But rather I retreated and the offender continues to chase me. Another case I could use deadly force is if there is an active shooter and I escort the employees my responsibility would to protect them and go into a room. Let's say the shooter comes in and I can use deadly force to protect myself and the employees. There is a sang that goes here in the LA area. Do not get involved unless your life is in peril and it is the last resort.

  16. The Marine is going to jail just like this yahoo. But please name the states and municipalities that allow you to chase and shoot a retreating subject who hasn't brandished a weapon or is no longer acting in an aggressive manner. Even in crazy-ass tx n fl with stand your ground that wouldn't fly. I thought you were the guy that always used facts to back up your arguments or theories.

  17. imagine hiring a convicted felon and handing him a gun. what was that damn company thinking. obviously his defense is absolutely garbage, like seriously shooting someone for not having a mask on pretty laughable. no court in this country will buy that.

  18. No, COVID does not have a higher chance of killing you than a punch in the face. 1. From the beginning, they told us they were adding a box to the form so that they could label any death they wanted as COVID. There has been no trustworthy accounting of who died FROM covid versus who died WITH covid. 2. Never before in history have healthy people been quarantined. 3. No one is honestly assessing the impact across all other factors for mortality, although we do know childhood obesity has exploded, and tens of thousands of more cancer deaths can be attributed to the ridiculous handling of this flu. When you simultaneously have lotteries to incentivize and laws to punish, then your "disease" either isn't a big deal, or you end goal isn't the health of the people.

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