Security State Using Coronavirus To Implement Orwellian Nightmare

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  1. So they both fighting for supremacy!.China & America, they say China is bad but America is worse!…America is war hungry, at least China is in good relationship with Russia & Iran. Sanction more sanction that's America's answer to world diplomacy. You can fool some people some time but you can fool Americans all the time lol!!!…

  2. This is what you get when you let simps essentially put human life at the lowest rung of the totem pole, because you let hedonists convince you that you should feel guilty for shit they have no evidence of proving. No shortage of drugs even amongst a crisis, huxley warned you nearly 100 years ago, but dummies still want to believe everything that's said by someone holding a "microphone" in front of a camera because they gave up on god and are looking for a replacement, to them I say: enjoy the soma plebs, your too late to the party, and your never gonna get there in time if your a regular listener to these dunderheads, nothing significant here to those who arent simps, but this popped in my suggestion box so sorry to ruin your day, but obviously those who are shocked by this had crappy parents that didnt prepare them for reality. You cant expect thieves to save you, there is no criminal with a heart of gold, and all you socialist now morons dont realize if you give your enemy a sliver of cake theyll take the whole damn thing and eat it in front of your starving children.

  3. Trump dismantled the National Security Council's pandemic response unit in 2018 ― a subject he claims to know nothing about now that the U.S. is being buffeted by the coronavirus pandemic. – Not endorsing Biden BTW

  4. And now this new world order has come along and realise taking all the businesses to China was the wrong idea so now they want to go ahead and build robots artificial intelligence to do the work so they can make more profit and the rest of mankind doesn’t go to work will live in the futuristic world of an ID card that gives you the most basic requirements to live day today long as they control the well they’re happy that 1% of the worlds population long as they’re happy they’re fine and for us 99% we’re gonna be treated like cockroaches scum vermin so here’s the new world power or is it the new world order whatever it is it so corrupt it’s gonna be another war a big world war hope it doesn’t happen.

  5. It's not to beat China t shit! It's all about chipping! All the A.I. is about finding the best way to monitor and control using A.I., not that A.I. is the goal!

  6. Whitney, you're very naive! Nobody is waking up to anything! WTF do you mean,"sooner or later?!!" Now is the fkg time to make what is, America's final and last opportunity to have a future! I'm sorry, but you're a millennial! I'll give you this… you're a smarter than most millennial, but…a millennial! You know nothing about how shit really goes down!

  7. You're all acting like sitting ducks. There is a war on humanity and you're just waiting around to find out what they're going to do to you next! No pro-action whatsoever or even the suggestion of it. Just lay down and get steam rolled like good little slaves. How about eliminating bank-issued money? That's being pro-active, that's taking charge.

  8. this is what Millie Weaver talks about in Shadowgate… the marriage of former intelligence in the private sector partnering with Big Tech to change our policing to AI … and other things.. great info thanks

  9. I think the main issues with AI regarding freedom and loss of rights, is going to be the loss of mass amounts of jobs and the fact that they'll literally be able to listen in on us and know where we are really at all times, everybody already has a phone. It makes it worse that everybody has a car too. Like no matter what these are needs. There will literally be 0 privacy what so ever. Incredible.

  10. This interview is not even close to disclosing the full truth of what Whitney Webb has uncovered in recent years. she is a true investigative journalist. her work is so in depth and all encompassing that if you really take the time to digest it you WILL be shaken to your very core. Some of what she reports on is written off as conspiracy theory when reported on by others, but her documentation and attention to detail is irrefutable.

    Read her articles and watch Ryan Christian of The Last American Vagabond here on youtube, give their reporting thoughtful consideration, and see the world for what it really is.

  11. I am Chinese, and now I know the US is doomed to lose to us: even there elites are full of shit in the brain. China is doing better because China has no doctors, Following this logic, Africa should be the land of AI. What’s the point of winning over China with an empty US under the terror of AI?