Security video of plane hitting Pentagon released, adds, S’bite from Judicial Watch

US Department of Defence
FILE: Arlington, 11 September 2001
1. Security camera view of plane smashing into Pentagon
2. Second security camera view of plane smashing into Pentagon
AP Television
FILE: Arlington, 11 September 2001
3. Plumes of smoke rising from Pentagon, AUDIO of sirens
AP Television
Washington, DC, 16 May 2006
4. Tom Fenton of Judicial Watch arriving for interview
5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch:
“Well, hopefully it will put to rest some of the conspiracy theories about September 11th. Also, it’s important that there be a complete record for history. Also, it’s a reminder about the terrible nature of the terrorist threat we face as a country.”
AP Television
FILE: Arlington, 11 September 2001
6. Emergency vehicles arriving at Pentagon, thick, black smoke and fire at site
AP Television
Washington, DC, 16 May 2006
7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch:
“Well, it’s important for people to understand that Flight 77 was used as a weapon against the Pentagon and many, many people died. The suggestion has been that our government was involved in that and hopefully this video puts all that to rest.”
AP Television
FILE: Arlington, 11 September 2001
8. Emergency vehicles rushing towards Pentagon, AUDIO of sirens
9. Black smoke rising from burning building, people evacuating
The US Defence Department on Tuesday released the first video images of American Airlines Flight 77 crashing into the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.
The images, recorded by Pentagon security cameras outside the building, were made public in response to a December 2004 Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, a public interest group.
Some still images from the video had previously been leaked and publicly circulated, but this was the first official release.
The aeroplane is a thin white blur on the video as it hits the Pentagon at ground level.
Almost instantly, a white flash and a huge orange fireball appear on the video, followed by a tower of grey-black smoke.
Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, says the organisation fought for the video to be released because they thought it was important to complete the public record of the attacks.
“Also, it’s a reminder about the terrible nature of the terrorist threat we face as a country,” he added.
He also said he hoped the video would put an end to conspiracy theories that the US government was somehow involved in the attacks.
Travelling at an estimated 350 miles per hour (560 kilometres per hour), the hijacked American Airlines plane ploughed into the southwest side of the Pentagon at mid-morning, shortly after two other hijacked airlines were flown into the Twin Towers at the World Trade Centre in New York.
The attack set off fires in part of the Pentagon and killed 125 people inside, in addition to the 59 passengers and crew and the five men who hijacked the plane at Dulles International Airport.
According to a Pentagon spokeswoman, families of the victims of the Pentagon attack were not consulted before the videos were released on the Pentagon’s web site.

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  1. All of you conspiracy theorists are doing a disservice to the families who lost loved ones on flight 77 when it crashed into the pentagon. I'd like to know what your theory says about those people who lost their lives. Wait…don't tell me, Aliens actually abducted the real flight 77 and a missile was sent in its place. idiots… exact details of flight path, what it took out and all of the victims names are on the wiki According to the 9/11 Commission Report, as Flight 77 was 5 miles (8.0 km) west-southwest of the Pentagon, it made a 330-degree spiral turn clockwise. At the end of the turn, it was descending through 2,200 feet (670 m), pointed toward the Pentagon and downtown Washington. Hani Hanjour advanced the throttles to maximum power and dove toward the Pentagon. While level above the ground and seconds from impact, the wings clipped five street lampposts and the right wing struck a portable generator, creating a smoke trail seconds before smashing into the Pentagon.[38][39] Flight 77, flying at 530 mph (853 km/h, 237 m/s, or 460 knots) over the Navy Annex Building adjacent to Arlington National Cemetery,[40] impacted the western side of the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, just south of Washington, D.C., at 09:37:46.[41] The plane hit the Pentagon at the first-floor level,[42] and at the moment of impact, the airplane was rolled slightly to the left, with the right wing elevated.[43] The front part of the fuselage disintegrated on impact, while the mid and tail sections moved for another fraction of a second, with tail section debris penetrating furthest into the building.[42] In all, the airplane took eight-tenths of a second to fully penetrate 310 feet (94 m) into the three outermost of the building's five rings[44] and unleashed a fireball that rose 200 feet (61 m) above the building.[42]"

  2. I love it that they literally show people a video of a missile hitting the pentagon and can STILL tell them it was plane, no wonder CV19 was/is soo easy to conduct. We all will be judged in the end

  3. How often do you see a fighter jet with a highly trained pilot skimming the ground? Not often; yet they expect us to believe an amateur pilot managed to fly a huge passenger plane feet off the ground and strike a building

  4. How is that a plane? It doesn't last 1 frame let alone 2… No motors, wings, or tail wings in this video at all??? I call bullshit!!! This is the Pentagon, and those assholes confiscated the videos from across the street hours later…??? Fucke them and their bullshit

  5. While I was watching the video I found something and it was a plane I saw on the right side a nose, wings, and turbines CLEARLY A PLANE NOT A MISSILE I even posted it on Reddit so check it out my thing is u/MrAndrew1108