Segregated Dining in Australia – 23.10.21

Victorians picnicked on the sidewalk across from restaurants that only serve the vaccinated. Full unedited livestream available via:

Written by Real Rukshan


  1. As someone who is double vaccinated by choice i stand with you..
    You have the choice to say no, if i am vaccinated then i should be protected, after all we are all going to catch Covid eventually.. I'd eat with you , drink with you & shake your hand.. Otherwise what was the point taking the vaccine..

    All this nonsense about taking the vaccine to protect others is complete BS.. I took it to protect myself, my choice.. If i am protected then what's the problem..
    This isn't the country i was born in, i'm ashamed of what is happening to my country.. We dont treat fellow Aussies like this.. Not even cyclists lol..

  2. Too little too late, should have been protesting and marching with us months ago when we were.I've been to multiple protests, stemming from that I've had my instagram account with 10k followers monitored and deleted, my house raided by police, my phone seized and am currently on bail with charges stemming from attending protests fighting for mine and everyone else's freedoms. I fought and have done as much as I can but have had to take the first jab just in order to work after holding out for several months.

  3. I gave a 'like' 👍 to your content, not the fact that Australia in 2021 has been reduced to this!!
    But this is The Great Awakening!!
    Thanks for sharing Rukshan 🇦🇺

  4. Unbelievable,,, then again after December 17 Anastasia has promised same or worse for Qld,, state dictators ,sponsored and endorsed by Scott morrision to carry the vacc apartheid agenda,, worldwide politicians deserting their people,, for the puppetmasters

  5. Just for the record none of these jabs are listed in the Australian Immunisation handbook
    And it clearly states no vaccine should be given because of coersion

  6. Future generations will look back with disgust at how the police went against the people and if any find out they had ancestors as Police they will spit on their graves.

  7. Wow. This had me in tears. I can't believe our country has become like this but beautiful to see people standing, sitting and walking together to fight it. 💖

  8. Those of us who have not had the V are now not only shunned, but we also are about to become targets for verbal and physical abuse