Segregated freedom – Melbourne

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A look around Melbourne after yet another two-weeks-becomes-more-than-two-months lockdown.

Written by True Arrow


  1. Endless propaganda broadcast on public transport and media and posters and notices in shop windows
    Distopia doesn’t come close to describing the situation in Melbourne

  2. What has happened. Was in Melbourne almost exactly 20 years ago, my favourite place in Australia when I visited, it was so open and free when I was there, this is the dis-mantling of society in Australia.

  3. Freedom? Joke – first and second class citizens – thanks Dan for apartheid! And the threat that non vaxxed citizens WILL be shut out at least till well into 2022 – what evil plotting is that? Oh well, I suppose he has to keep control of SOMEONE to keep him happy! AND why are vaxxers so scared of non vaxxers! Aren’t the vaxxers better protected? Or is that another joke?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. All those lease signs. Looks like my town here in the U.S. The socialists are succeeding at part of their plan – to shut down all private enterprise and ruin the economy. They love to see the peons suffer.

  5. Is everyone not aware that till this day there's no proof not only of the isolation too prove covid 19 exists there's also nothing to even do this isolation test from. Most people will say that this can't be true but why's 13 countries been ordered in court to provide evidence of isolation and they all had to admit that there is no evidence available