Self-Awareness Sure Isn’t This Clown’s Strongest Suit…

Anthony Albanese, Prime Minister of Australia needs a mirror.

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  1. Us vs them…

    The 'us' part is slowly coming into focus, but damn if the 'they' aren't just waving their flags in everyone's face and just asking for it… Karma isreal

  2. Well at least a recommendation is better than a mandate. And it looked like they were sitting 6 ft apart.
    Or 2 meters.
    Or whatever you guys use over there…

  3. It's not what he said, but more the spirit of that: "We're so concerned with your health, that we'll bust open your head, if you dare not wear a mask!".

  4. But why miss an opportunity to make money from your Public-servants/Trustees whenever they ask you to DO something for them?
    Them- `Wear a mask`
    You- `YES, CERTAINLY (there is now an agreement to comply/obey/accommodate them) it`s just that we charge you $999 per hour to DO that for you and because we have NO-CONFIDENCE with you administrating our Trust (the Trust is collapsed so we are no longer granting them any more credit) payment must be with us immediately, thank you`
    Please remember that THEY are NOT volunteers……so why should YOU be?
    The secret to every engagement with your Trustees/Public-servnts is just two words…
    ….CONDITIONAL acceptance.

  5. The tyrants just don't seem to be getting the message. Nobody is scared or worried any more. We are not going to let you tell us how to live our lives, where we can go, who we can see and what we wear. Go F&*k yourselves. My only disappointment is how long it took my fellow citizens to fight back.

  6. One has to wonder how many have been infected by govt officials flying around in bio-incubation chambers often with unscreened aliens to give unmasked campaign stops posed as "speeches" telling us we need to mask up everywhere….because maks are needed to fix elections worldwide.

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