‘Semi-FASCISM’? Biden Blasts MAGA Republicans, Hochul Tells GOP To ‘GET OUT’ Of New York

President Biden lambasted MAGA ideology as ‘semi-fascism.’ Batya Ungar-Sargon and Robby Soave consider whether this message will resonate with independent voters. #Biden #Trump #MAGA #Fascism

Former President Trump falsely claims that the 2020 election was stolen.

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  1. President Biden was wrong…….MAGA Republicans are NOT "semi Fascists"………..THEY ARE 100% FULL BLOWN FASCISTS!!! In fact President Joe Biden is 100% correct. Democrats can find common ground with Independents and they can even find some common ground with Mainstream Republicans……..However there is NO Common Ground with Maga Republican FASCISTS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican BIGOTS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican RACISTS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican CONFEDERATE TRAITORS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican SEDITIONISTS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican WHITE SUPREMACISTS! NO Common Ground with Maga Republican TERRORISTS! AND NO Common Ground with Maga Republican INSURRECTIONISTS!

  2. Are we positive that batya's mic is actually on?

    When there are potential multiple microphones and speakers on a video conferencing service like that, you have to select which ones you want – if she's using her earbuds that have built-in mics as their headphones, it's going to Auto select the earbud mic as your microphone and she would need to go into her audio settings and select her actual microphone as the microphone to be used for the conference call.

    I'm pretty sure this happens to literally all of you guys every time you do a stream from home – ALWAYS make sure to go into your audio settings on zoom and ensure that the microphone picking up audio for the meeting is the high quality microphone you have and that it's not using your earbud microphone by default because it sounds like it's using your earbud microphones by default

  3. Robbie is like a member of the democratic party who wants the democrats to win above all but is concerned they aren't libertarian enough. He's not a libertarian.

  4. Why two rightwingers especially half brained unobjective unger??? Even Biden has had enough with the MAGAts who keep sticking up for criminal Thump, he is right to call out these fascists that are going deeper and deeper down the road of fascism after inviting fascist orban to cpac. Its long overdue. Right wingers have been insulting Democrats but these two think they haven't. They have been calling for civil war and violence against Democrats, latest cra zy linsey calling for riots. Get used to dark Brandon right wing MAGAts. These two have created an echo chamber for right wing. Bring back saagar and krystal.

  5. 7:00 Pointing out that MTG took nearly 200k in forgiven PPP loans is a "mean tweet?" gimme a break! Batya really straddling the divide between enlightened centrism and being a straight up fascist sympathizer.

  6. Biden Calls Republicans Fascists… Three Days Later Leftist Thugs Vandalize GOP Office with “Eat Sh*t Fascists” Graffiti

    Last week Joe Biden called President Trump and his 72 million supporters “semi-fascists” during a rare public rally at a high school gym in Maryland.

    Biden doubled down on the claim when he was questioned about it on Friday.

    Three days later leftist thugs vandalized the Seminole County GOP office in Florida.

    The criminals spray-painted “fascist” & profanity on the front windows.

    DemocRAT Brown Shirt Fascist dutifully responded to Joe Biden's dog whistle.

  7. Eh….the classification of 'Marxist' isn't that far off base, at least from the perspective that a theme of Marxism is the oppressed-oppressor dichotomy that is invoked by Joe Biden when it comes to voting rights (blacks are being oppressed) or advocating for trans women in sports (trans rights are being oppressed) or immigration (immigrants are being oppressed ) to even mask wearing (those that do not are oppressing the health of people who do wear masks). So, marxxism is a broad topic, but at the heart of it is this Identity Politics where you stoke this oppression in society and even resort to the tactics of those people you supposedly oppose (is it anti-racist to call black people who don't vote democratic 'not really black'?

  8. They're using extreme negative rhetoric to smear their political opponents, it's all about short term political gain. Even if the Democrats do better then expected in the mid-terms our country will be dealing with the long term damage from their extreme left wing policies for many years to come. Their policies are untethered to reality, that is why they have to lie about them. You have to hate America and it's people to be Democrat now days.

  9. If the Republicans are semi-fascist and the Democrat's are against semi-fascist. That means the Democrats are the semi-Antifa party. They are the "No border, no wall no U.S.A", party , of course they lie about it. Make sense ?

  10. The Ten Stages of Genocide
    1: Classification
    2: Symbolization
    3: Discrimination
    4: Dehumanization
    5: Organization
    6: Polarization
    7: Preparation
    8: Persecution👈🏻 you are here
    9: Extermination
    10 Denial

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