Senate GOP unveil police reform bill

Senator Tim Scott, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, and task force members Senators hold a press conference prior to introduction of the JUSTICE Act.

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  1. For God’s sake discuss the blood bank so we can make prudent decisions… or suffer from the consequences of having blood on our hands… use your own free will… it is God-given, unalienable and exhibited in the Constitution.

  2. A history of crime and mental illness from the system that has been in place since 1994, holds zero weight in my eyes! Too bad, because there are dangerous people out there and we don’t know who, or what, they are. The real harmful ones are in the Policy makers, CEOs, and statesmen… while they cage and torture the most innocent among us. I trust the prisoners over those in the ‘legal system’ and marketplaces (the courts being both) hands down, no comparison… DRAIN THE SWAMP!!!!

  3. Maybe they should use a net gun. That way there's no need for an adrenaline building chase which is probably is the reason most chases end in violence.

  4. If you have that much trouble driving, then you may need to look into a driving service. Don't take it as an offense, I'm looking into it as well.

  5. U all look foolish with those bozo masks on, information is available proving u see us as stupid and doing it in the open and purposely. What's the matter with u folks?

  6. I've been stopped 200 times driving or walking while black. Resulted in 30 tickets. The other 170 the police just want 2 ask "Hey you wanna go 2 jail". I'd politely say no thank you and keep truckin.

  7. Holding police officers ACCOUNTABLE for PERSONALLY covering liability claims should be part of this bill. WHY should taxpayers pay the cost of crimes committed by racist, power-hungry, criminals? Charge their personal insurance policies AND pensions.

  8. Yes it is very important but why tear down our history taking down pictures tearing up statues and destroying our history that built this country this is the greatest country there is and we're just supposed to forget about how we got to where we're at makes no sense to me

  9. That's because our children have been taught in school that there's no right or wrong there's no absolute they're all spoiled they don't want to work are children of this generation is a mess basically because there's been no punishment in the household cuz if you do you'll go to jail the schools teach everything but about God the most important thing and you guys took it out of the school so now look at what we have to deal with a bunch of unruly kids but don't think they should be punished for anyting that goes for black white green yellow purple don't matter the color it's what they've been taught

  10. Well,I love everyone up there,but my favorite there's Senator Graham. I still pray for the party as long as you belong to the Republicans I will killed myself for you. I hate Democrats,when it comes to visa issue they are prepared to sell visa I can still remember when I apply for immigrants visa I passed all the test and presented correct documents,but my downfall came from black Democrats consular in 1998 but I will always pray for her family members as long as it takes,they will have problem in their life until generation end I still have her name,it is just a matter of time. She will actually suffered before she died I promise

  11. Mr. McConnell, get the Communist Democrats who participated with Obama and Clinton in the COUP D'ETAT, INDICTED.

    One week to respond to racist riots. Five years and counting to get ONE TRAITOR INDICTED .

    This is our America, you work for us and we demand JUSTICE FOR AMERICA.

  12. Congress lies continuously with immunity!

    Congress is above the law while the constituents are guilty in tell proven innocent.

    Congress is elected to protect us from government overreach not create more.

    Congress Oversite has overseen the dysfunctional government of today.

  13. So many "lawmakers" on BOTH sides of the fence need to be marched down the hill to the guillotine of real justice. They are CRIMINALS.

  14. You Republicans are trying to appease revolutionaries with half measures. You are sacrificing the safety of the white working class to your own peculiar privileges and exposing the country to fractious civil conflict.


  16. Police need to stop harassing people that are merely taking video of Police action. The supreme court has ruled, the public have a right to film Police in public. Yet the police harass and intimidate people who are filming them. And often times attack them.
    Police also need to screen out people who are psychopaths from becoming Police in the first place. And to weed out Police with anger issues from dealing with the public.
    I have seen countless examples of Police abuse and Police violence against a non deserving public.

  17. We don't need a police reform bill ! What we need is our laws enforced and when you break them you are arrested. When you resist arrest and continue to do so then you get what you deserve ! You on both sides of the aisle have done NOTHING to do so but to come up with more of your useless bills that will do NOTHING agian !