Senator Lankford Questions Intel Chiefs on FISA, Russia Investigation

On June 7, 2017, Senator Lankford questioned the top Intelligence officials about the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, the Section 702 surveillance program, and the Department of Justice Russia Investigation.


  1. The system was NOT working until Admiral Mike Rogers interceded and put a stop to it. The NSA wasn't self-regulating…they were spying on Americans. Thanks to Admiral Rogers, this practice by the corrupt Obama administration was stopped.

  2. Lankford's attempt to white wash this is a National Disgrace and he should not be re-elected. Make no mistake Lankford sold out his fellow American covering for this criminal activity. Lankford should resign.

  3. This is an incredible video. What Adm Rogers is really saying is that he intercepted members of the Obama administration using FISA 702(17) inquries (the 'abouts') to spy on then-candidate Donald Trump. FISA was 'doing queries against US persons'. Yeah it was – with the help of foreign powers too. Treason. Death penalty. Tick tock, tick tock.

  4. I suggest that any conservatives watching this check out some of the other videos Senator Lankford has on this channel.

    I really liked his video on infanticide and the wall.
    Wish Trump would give him a higher Profile. Trump needs to start giving some of these Senators some shine and a platform that way conservatives have someone strong and seen as an extension of Trump come 2024.

    The left will only get more unhinged after 8yrs under Trump and if history tells us anything usually the country votes in the other party after a 2term president and I truly do fear someone like AOC running & winning in 2024.
    Conservatives must start to plan for life after Trump, and if we can get Donald to sprinkle some Trump dust on some of these senators or maybe replace Pence in 2020 w/one of these more dynamic republicans. This Oklahoma Senator Lankford or Trey Gowdy, Lindsay Graham, Maybe Ted Cruz .

    Im scared of a socialist 2024.

  5. :28 McCabe: You bet your ass the FBI is cooperating!! We're counting on Bob to finish the illegal framing and removal of Trump we started in 2016!!! We're good as long as Sessions remains neutered and recused!!

  6. 5:33, the system worked??? This shit was going on for YEARS under Obozo without impediment, and used relentlessly to spy on ALL GOP candidates in 2015/2016 and used to create a pretense to spy on, and ultimately obstruct, the Trump campaign and administration. These ObozoBastards, with the him the ChiefBastard, are all traitors and need to swing, for justice to be done. Fortunately, as Martin Luther King was keen to remark, "The arc of the universe tends to justice." Everyone of these rodents is going to get what they deserve: justice.