Senator Leaves Generals SPEECHLESS When He Shows How Biden Lied Repeatedly

Sen. Dan Sullivan just left some of our woke military leaders like Gen. Milley SPEECHLESS when he pointed out all of Biden’s lies. WATCH Gen. Milley throw Biden under the bus:

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  1. It is not inconceivable/ actually quite a possibility that in years to come historians will recount these clowns and the administration they are covering for as the catalyst for emboldening China into invading Taiwan.

  2. Why won’t they be man enough to answer truthfully…why, because they have big egos and they like their positions…and are afraid BIDEN will ruin them. It is frightening that this what we have protecting our country……why would they not stand up and be heard.

  3. I'm rarely disappointed by someone in uniform but these two Generals disappoint me greatly. These were simple yes or no questions and you could almost see President Biden's hand going over their mouths every time they were called on to answer.

  4. My question is; This General disobeyed and discredited the former President openly and now he is openly discrediting the sitting President. What is his [and the military's] true agenda?

  5. I hate how they use this 5 minute thing to interrupt him right when he was about to make his point. I see this over and over. People are muzzled. Just how we are literally being muzzled like dogs right now. These corrupt FUCKS

  6. General Milley and McKenzie just have to hold their tongues long enough so their defense contractor jobs, media consulting, book dealing, college lecture line ups are set in place. They could careless about their rank, position or loyalty to the Constitution. This is of course a privilege reserved for generals and admirals.

  7. Dan Sullivan FINALLY does something to make Alaska proud. Too bad he openly supports the waste of skin Lisa Murkowski. No one would give him another 60 seconds to ask his final question… Milley should be in prison

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