Senator SLIPS UP & Admits To Insider Trading

Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet campaigned against, and has taken a strong stand against, elected officials using their inside knowledge of upcoming legislation to buy and sell stocks. Yet in a recent “oops” moment, Bennet expressed hope about a bill’s prospects, but added that he wasn’t so sure of its passage that he was buying or selling stocks accordingly. To many observers this sounded a lot like an admission of guilt, despite the Senator’s later denials.

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss Bennet’s “gaffe” and whether he was just speaking figuratively or he is as corrupt as others in Congress who have made millions from insider trading.

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  1. Remember that there were people using Nancy Pelosi's stock portfolio to decide what to invest in. Due to this they were beating the stock market 100% of the time. That's why they no longer have to declare it publicly because they don't want you plebs to benefit from their insider information.

  2. I knew immediately when they tried to "impeach" Trump that it would fail because if they tried to open the books on him, they'd have to open the books on everyone and they are all doing the exact same things he was.

  3. why would he even go there? why would a senator even talk about his financial activities? for a second he thought he is on MSNBC’s business channel as a trade expert

  4. its obvious that they are simply crooks !! that should all be behind bars !! if they want to trade in the stock market, then they should not be in congress ,plain and simple . it should be no question, no debvate, no vote, before they get voted in they divest their portfolios or transfer them to a blind trust, or they dont run for government positions. it should be done tomorrow ,thats what january 6 th should have been aBOUT , amoung several other crooked acts which are done daily inside the USA govt !

  5. This just proves my fellow Coloradans (that are democrats) vote for these idiots even tho they lie to our faces…Colorado is ruined by all these dumb dumbs, the lying thriving greedy candidates and the stupid un/misinformed voters. Voted Bennett out, vote hickenpooper out, vote poleass out, vote them ALL out or just go back to California for the sake of us natives.

  6. 14 years? He has been there for 14 years? The U.S. president can only serve for 8 years and has to leave. So why can congressmen serve longer? Is there a term limit for congressmen?

  7. this schnook was a poor school teacher in his past .. now enjoys $5k suits & juicy perks .. it won't be right until congress and their allies are banned from wall street …

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