Senior nurse BREAKS SILENCE on hospital crisis

#EXCLUSIVE: A senior pregnant Melbourne nurse says she faces termination for REQUESTING MEDICAL ADVICE on her booster as hospitals struggle to fill staff shortages.
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Written by Avi Yemini

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  1. The nurse was happy to give the shots the benefit of the doubt. But where there is doubt when it comes to pharma, we should give NO benefit and research until we HAVE no doubts. Any medical mandate of itself should spark the deepest doubts.

  2. It will be close to impossible to reveres these decisions internally.
    During C***d they have promoted, into power, all the Pro V*x idiots to the senior places in Management and HR and squeezed out anyone with a normal ability to think. As a Male Nurse I was forced out of my position by these people. So yes it is the governments "responsibility" causing this tragedy but now the whole management structure has been replaced and shored up with haters and dividers, I can't see this being fixed any time soon.. When will anyone ever admit they were WRONG..

  3. We knew this would happen (that their jobs would be replaced by foreign workers). It’s happening right across all medical care, aged & disability care, ancillary, teaching, etc. You are very brave for telling the truth.

  4. This is why you can't comply with tyranny. If these nurses stood united, this would be a none issue .
    If you listen closely, she actually had side effects from the first two doses and they are forcing a pregnant woman to have a booster. Does this seem like this is about health?
    I don't know how anyone can justify this nonsense.
    Natural immunity means nothing, they won't stop more and more boosters even if ppl had side effects. Come on ppl, wake up!!!
    This effects us all.

  5. What tosh this has turned out to be, refusing to employ people who haven't had the quacksine. It's widely known and accepted now that ANYONE (quacksed or not) can catch convid AND transmit it. So what's the point? Ah, yes – control.

  6. Obviously there plan is to get rid of the older experienced knowledgeable…wise.. nurses to bring in the desperate and naive younger generation so that they can manipulate them easier…..
    Strike strike strike.. Boycott Boycott Boycott ..MUTINY as we are registered on their foreign Citizenship..COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA…is a company.registered on USSEC….don't worry about the mortgages…you do not own THE ALL CAPS NAME ACCOUNTS….but are Trustee of it…and trustees are entitled to be compensated….so agree for a fee…..the true name birth certificate pays for anything….YouTube Romley Stewart &Rohan lorien…THE TWO BIRTHS….DECEIVED-INTO-CONSENT…..WHY-YOU-ARE-DEAD…WHAT IS AUSTRALIA…etc….

  7. Should of blurred the whole body. Theres lunatics that work in hospitals and can easily identify her just by her hands. Nurses hands are a huge biometric, washing hands side by side to coworkers are extremely common.

  8. Still on unpaid leave as of November 1st 2021 from a major hospital in Ottawa ontario canada. Had to take a 8$ an hour pay cut because of how many businesses created mandates due to Ottawa being a government city.

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