Sensibly Speaking Podcast #255: The Cult-Like Core of Black Lives Matter ft. Adrian Lee Oliver

This week I am joined by Adrian Lee Oliver to discuss some concerns and issues he as a black man has with Black Lives Matter both as an organization and political ideology. While I can’t say for sure that this is the last thing I’ll ever publish on this topic, I think the four podcasts I’ve created on critical race theory and BLM cover this territory well. Like Scientology, there is a constructive and rights-driven outer layer to BLM and then there is a very nasty and cult-like inner set of teachings that is quite destructive. I hope you’ll give a listen to what Adrian has to say as it’s quite good.
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Adrian on Twitter: @AdrianLeeOliver

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Written by Chris Shelton


  1. I appreciate Chris. It’s miraculous that he created a life after escaping Scientology.
    Still, I’m giving this channel three more weeks and then I’m unsubscribing

  2. Chris, in the last third of the show you started to get to the bottom of the problem when you noticed that it happened in academia for the last 50 years. Maybe you should take a deep hard look at feminism because that's what a lot of this stems from. The rhetoric is the same, the redefinition is the same and the goals are pretty much the same. Feminism and BLM are pretty much the same, being divisive under the guise of inclusiveness and equality.

  3. We're visual people – we see before we really think so we get flooded with info , sex . colour , creed , height , weight blah blah none of that info means we hate any of these things that make the person presenting themselves to you different or the same as yourself. That's my very simplistic view. I do wonder if that is because we are trying to sense threat from a very basic , primordial level.

  4. Dear Adrian, dear Chris,
    dear community,

    thank you for this great wake-up call, especially from minute 19:0023:00.

    You can apply that critical thinking to many things on life, business up to political campaigning. ?

  5. In regard to people like DiAngelo, such people give me a "Jurgen the German" vibe. Just search for the "Jurgen the German" sketches on YouTube…

  6. Really one of your best interviews. Bring this man on again – well thought arguments, brilliantly articulate (and knows his shit). Thanks, Chris and Adrian!

  7. This was a great interview. Well thought out questions and answers. I’ve read some of the other comments disparaging not the interview itself, but your choice to have it. I have no idea why people can be so presumptuous to tell content creators what kind of content they should do. If you don’t like someone’s content start your own YouTube channel instead of trying to control what others do with theirs.
    I found you because of Adrian. He’s a brilliant wonderful man and thank you for having him on.

  8. Punish cops that break the rules and reward cops that follow the rules.
    Kneeling on the neck of a suspect who is down and handcuffed over a counterfeit $20 until he stops breathing
    is murder.
    Good cops are essential to our society.

  9. Thanks Adrian and Chris, I found this conversation very interesting mostly because you are not academics… it is nice to have 'regular' voices and experiences heard… it is important to hear what other people 'like us' are experiencing and thinking about all of this… I don't experience it much in my everyday life, so it is hard to grasp just how integrated it is into mainstream society… many just seem to dismiss it as just a fring thing, or nothing to worry over much about… or tell me I spend too much time watching and reading about these things… but I'm genuinely concerned about it the more and more I learn… so i'm glad too have found people like you to give me a sort of 'every man' perspective about these things.

  10. BLM was an election season phenomenon four years ago, then went quiet, now it is back in the next presidential election season. After the election, it will go quiet again. It is funded (generously) by oligarchs who want to get rid of Trump and is basically a political tool of other actors behind the scenes (including Antifa who also finds it politically useful).

  11. Applause These are the conversations we need to be having. Question everything – especially when such obvious censorship, dangerous propaganda and irrational group think are so obviously occurring. It feels like we're living in some Orwellian dream. Thanks for this conversation – if only we all welcomed nuance in our discussions with one another. Adrian is brilliant.

  12. 48:00 re: implicit bias. I haven't seen activists online talking about implicit bias much at all, they focused more on harmful systems. As in, a flawed system that harms a particular group can do so without individual "racists" working for that system.

  13. #100DaysOfKrystalnacht
    BLM isn't an "anti-racist" movement. They ARE the racists! They want to judge people by their skin color, and not the content of their character. The exact OPPOSITE of what MLK jr called for.
    They would burn down MLK's house if he was alive today.
    Of course, Erick Holder and Obama said that we had "racist DNA." How much more racist xenophobe can one be? Literally saying that people are "Lessors" because of their DNA?
    We CHOOSE who we are. Or genes don't determine who OR what we are. Only where we begin.