Sensibly Speaking Podcast #315: Conspiracy Theories and Critical Thinking

This week I am joined by Ciprian Ivanof to discuss critical thinking and how it is that conspiracy theorists say they are using good critical thinking skills when they clearly are not. We dive into why this happens and what is going on in their heads. Enjoy!


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Written by Chris Shelton


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  1. Why are you putting flat Earth, lizard people, baby eating, and 9/11 all in one category? 9/11 is proven to have been known about beforehand. Every conspiracy theory isn't "crazy."
    Also, FYI, there is an origin to the royal baby-eating rumor. Blood medicine was actually done, using human blood, through the 1900's and is even still in one medical manual. I think it's Merck. It's was especially popular in Europe. So popular that sometimes people were criminalized and put to death when they should not have been. You can't blame the peasants for being a little resentful.

  2. David Icke didn't come up with "problem, reaction, solution." It's called the Hegalian Dialectic. It's a pretty old technique. Commercials and advertising utilize it constantly. Scientology uses it constantly when they tell people they are depressed/broken/full of body thetans and then sell them books to fix themselves.

  3. Great episode! I always get excited when i see Ciprian is on with you. I love y'all's relationship. Though you have some pretty fundamental differences, you're great together.
    Ciprian's reaction to your Q-anon example was classic. The breadcrumbs, man. The breadcrumbs.

  4. I find the condescension provided is an unfortunate turnoff to a very valuable message. I suppose it's good that YOU both understand the proper method of "digging deep"…the assumption that no one else even knows HOW to undertake this journey is a bit insulting (with 'a bit' being incredibly understated)…but the I enjoyed the underlying discussion overall.

  5. The twin towers wasn't a conspiracy theory, they found the passport of one of the terrorists in the ruins. No plane parts or bodies but a God send for the authorities to find a passport in tact.

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