Separating FACT FROM FICTION As Biden Recommends Booster Shots

Krystal and Saagar separate fact from fiction in this update about the future of covid vaccine booster shots after Biden’s recommendation

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  1. Saagar: " I am starting to feel like the fool that I am."
    Dumbass Krystal: "Deaths and hospitalizations continue to be low for vaccinated but I won't tell you that it's extremely low for everyone so I am just talking shit for big pharma."

  2. Wait a minute – if the vaccines are effective as they say they are, why are the drug companies talking about “boosters” already? These vaccines were just rolled out a few months ago!

    This means one of two things…

    1. The drug companies fucked up the vaccines the first thing time around and the “boosters” are meant to fix their mistake before too many questions are asked. Or…

    2. This is just a scam to generate more profits for the drug companies – and the confusing data being released to the press (which runs lots of ads for the drug companies’ products, BTW…) is designed to scare people into buying the “boosters.”

  3. Sagar, you're an idiot. You have literally reported on the differences in efficacy between Johnson and Johnson and the others. You know that Johnson & Johnson was tested against different variants than the others and that fully understanding the efficacy numbers is complicated. I would tell you to do your homework before you go on air, but you already did your homework and then forgot what you did.

  4. Your shocked about the vaccine? It was an experimental procedure which we know nothing about. They have no idea what it will or won't do and for how long. Here in Israel they are finding that a majority of the hospitalized (by actual numbers and not proportionally) with covid had the vaccine. In addition the vaccinated are the majority spreading the virus and are a large majority of those testing positive. Not rare, but more common place.

  5. Why…you ask. Bc trust big pharma is the new new norm. Don't have to be nostradamus to figure out they will need everyone to get boosters for the new variants and new updated vax shots. Here's a question…who benefits?? Pfizer,Moderns,J&J.. that's who. 😷

  6. Hang on, hang on. Sagaar, you are placing way too much of your premise on the efficacy percentages. What needs to be understood is that each of these vaccinations was tested in different countries, at different stages of the pandemic, or both. This means that the efficacy percentages aren't exactly the best measure of how sick someone is likely to get when they receive a vaccination. So, on that basis, perhaps booster shots are required sooner rather than later.

    Edit: Also, as you mentioned, it is unclear how effective the J&J vaccine is against the new strains. So how can you deduce that its efficacy may or may not be less effective?

  7. You need to look at the statistics you quote. CDC MATH is calling people unvaccinated until they have 2 jabs plus 14 FULL days. Until then if a person dies, they're counted as unvaccinated, not partially vaccinated. And 2 jabs plus 6 or 8 months you're vaccinated. Add a day without the booster and you become unvaccinated again.

  8. Is biotech still good? I got vaccinated 5 day's ago… We'll doesn't matter that much anyway. I'm still living the social distancing lifestyle 😎 for once the introvert's got home turf advantage so to speak

  9. We've just never got good answers surrounding Corona virus. Our government may not have good answers. They may be like parents who without any good information still lay down the law for their children.

    Except we are not children. "Just put on your mask, get vaccinated and be quiet" doesnt work around here.

  10. Let's stop behaving as if anti-vaxxers will not simply make shit up the moment the facts don't suit them. Worrying about "convincing" them is like appealing to bipartisanship with Republicans. A meaningless exception when it happens, a moving goalpost when it does not.

  11. lol so now you dont support boosters, the same shit with vaccines… if you are consistent you should get any shit that the state mandates you because a white coat tells it

  12. Wait a minute last video I watched you pointed out how dumb the lady from Boston U was! Now you're predicating your thesus on her word. Also the breakthrough cases are what is driving the variants. The Israeli study also says that the vaccines efficacy waynes big time over just 4 to 6 months. When are you going to realize they aren't going to stop pushing more and more shots? Eventually everyone is going to have to take a stand and say enough is enough. You also shouldn't be wishing they rush fda approval for your kids faster if you say you're so protective of them wouldn't you want long term data before they get the shot and then need one every 8 months just pumping them full of a mrna gene therapy?

  13. Trump would be annihilated if four variants that were vaccine resistant. The focus should have switched immediately from vaccines to treatments for Covid. There’s a large community of anti vaccine either way, Joe Rogan just beat Covid in four days with modern medicine, why is there legal repercussions for doctors that want to prescribe Ivermectin. I was turned down by my doctor

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