September 7, 2022 Answering Your Viral Persistence Questions

September 7, 2022 Answering Your Viral Persistence Questions

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URL list from Tuesday, Sep. 6 2022

Frontiers | Case report: Persistence of residual antigen and RNA of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in tissues of two patients with long COVID

fimmu-13-939989-t001.jpg (1460×1213)

fimmu-13-939989-g001.jpg (1565×1109)

fimmu-13-939989-g002.jpg (1562×752)

CD68 – Wikipedia

CD14 – Wikipedia

Functions of CD169 positive macrophages in human diseases (Review),30%2C76%2C77).

Exploitation of the Macrophage Mannose Receptor (CD206) in Infectious Disease Diagnostics and Therapeutics – PMC,homeostasis%20by%20scavenging%20unwanted%20mannoglycoproteins.

Long COVID risk falls only slightly after vaccination, huge study shows

Association Between BNT162b2 Vaccination and Long COVID After Infections Not Requiring Hospitalization in Health Care Workers | Vaccination | JAMA | JAMA Network

Clinical characteristics with inflammation profiling of long COVID and association with 1-year recovery following hospitalisation in the UK: a prospective observational study – The Lancet Respiratory Medicine

Women more likely to have long COVID, different symptom profile,interval%2C%200.75%20to%200.93).


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  1. Hello DrBeen, I've been sleeping during the day and working during the night for the past 7 months. is that really dangerous to the body? what happens does the liver detoxify during sleep or it has to be between 00am and 3 am? thank you

  2. Both of my elderly were hospitalised about 2 weeks after 4th booster dose of Pfizer. One was struggling to walk and another was bedridden. I applied all that I learned from Dr Been lectures on supplements. Thank God both recovered speedily after taking them.

  3. I’ve come to the conclusion after watching so many different medical doctor videos about Covid that the reason they don’t talk about the unvaccinated is because unvaccinated people do better and they can’t share that because then nobody will want that vaccination.

  4. the CAPTURED media has failed to report that during the week of 9/4 the UK govt has quietly removed the J A B recommendation for children under age 11. Emphasis on QUIETLY

  5. I’m disappointed in YouTube channels such as ‘debunk the funk’ that cherry picks comments from your videos and then proceed to say you are spreading misinformation or calling you a “hack”.

  6. I love your work !! Majority of people want to know if vaccination has messed up our immune system so when new studies come out PLEASE let's ask the question : vaccinated or not? Lots of data but often we don't know about the subjects vaccination status.

  7. I’m a new subscriber. Thank you for posting this informative videos. I wonder if you can answer a question. Is there a test that someone can take to see if they had Covid almost two years ago? Or is it to late already? I believe that I have long Covid but when a went to the emergency room almost two years ago because I had heart palpitations,shortness of breath,pressure on my chest,dizziness I wasn’t tested for Covid even when I told the doctors that I was exposed to Covid.. They did four electrocardiograms plus blood work. Everything came back normal. But I. Not normal. I suspect that I had Covid.

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