Serious concerns regarding Victoria’s proposed Pandemic Management Bill

Interview with Victoria’s Bar Association President Christoper Blanden QC and Chris Merritt and Sally Layson.
1:09 Are the safeguards provided in the Bill enough?
2:51 If Covid is with us in the long run, do we need to bring democratic norms into this Bill rather than by-pass them?
5:16 Is there a role for judicial oversight and can the courts be used as a check?
6:03 What does this Bill mean for the rule of law in Australia?
7:54 Will these lack of democratic practices lead people to lose faith in the laws?
10:12 What makes this Bill worse than the legislation we currently have?
14:00 Was there sufficient consultation/criticism of this Bill?
17:54 Is the Victorian Charter of Rights sufficient to protect human rights in Victoria?
18:42 Have the Human Rights bodies in Victoria spoken against this Bill?
21:15 Are the fines outlined in the Bill proportionate?
21:53 Have you received any support nationally from the Law Council?
22:55 Can this Bill be fixed?


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