Seriously… Does Biden Actually Have Any Supporters?

The polls no longer seem to comport to even basic observable reality:


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  1. Biden is a single issue candidate: TDS.

    He don't have a grassroots organisation. All he has for grassroots are either violent anarchists who are busy rioting or the establishment elite who are doing their best to rig the playing field in Biden's favour. Biden might be the D candidate with the least support from the proletariat ever.

  2. Most Biden supporters are so terrified of Covid that they are paralyzed by fear and will not leave their houses. Otherwise, Biden's core supporters are simply people with TDS.

  3. Any Democrat I know right now has zero interest in or curiosity about hearing Biden speak and this Kamala person is only a vague question mark they haven't thought much about. They really, really, really hate Trump and are primed to vote against him. That's it.

  4. The suburbs around Portland, OR have a few Biden Harris signs in their yards. Downtown is now just a campground for the homeless. It's astonishing in the face of such utter failures of leadership, people still are blue no matter who. Not sure what it would take for those people to ever consider maybe their party isn't what they think it is…

  5. it just doesnt seem to be worth the stress anymore. the problem with trump is that he never acts in a way that makes things easier for himself. he had a full term to modify his behavior and appease the left. he failed to do so. if he loses he has only himself to blame.

  6. We all need to vote to put this gargantuan falsehood to rest. The election cannot mathematically be stolen through a late mail-in count if Trump has 80 to 90 million votes on Election Night. But here is the kicker (and I have been saying this since Bye-Done announced Harris as his VP) Trump is going to win California and shock the media and pollsters to their core! Without the Golden State, Bye-Done has ZERO path to victory. Trump is going to win in a monumental landslide.

  7. The enthusiasm for Trump is not only illustrated by his rallies. There are many peaceful demonstrations of support for him, many vehicle and boat caravans. How many people have you heard who use the word "love" in describing their feeling for him? The polls and what your eyes see could not be more discordant!

  8. I finally saw my first Biden lawn sign last week and this is in South San Francisco. I don't know many people that like Biden but I know quite a few that hate Trump. I think hating Trump is the only reason Biden will get any votes. The people I know who support Trump are voting and the ones who hate him mostly aren't voting.

  9. There is no enthusiasm for Biden whatsoever. The question is whether there is more enthusiasm or hatred for Trump. This is not election between Biden and Trump. It's an election between Trump lovers and Trump haters. Only one of them can win.

  10. Bernie had the leftist religious zealots, but they didn't even came out to vote for him, do they think all those young people will go and vote for Biden, I don't think so. I wouldn't be surprised that many Bernie bros would vote for Trump, because the DNC screwed over Bernie again.

  11. Styx, can ballet harvesting be detected by seeing that the total ballot count is greater than the total number of possible eligible voters? If fraud is detected, will that county or region have its voting disqualified?