Seriously Flawed Study On Masks Being Promoted

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  1. I hear putting a plastic bag over your head is 100% effective at stopping Covid. If everyone would only flatten the curve by wearing a mask for two weeks.

  2. What exactly is their agenda? Do they have shares in face diaper companies or do they enjoy suffocating the population with exhaled -inhaled CO2. These people are sick. Unfortunately, msm, CDC, WHO, and WEF have most of their audience programmed to believe in the sorcery of pharmakia.
    Unbelievable how fake these studies are.

  3. Based on actually being alive in 2020, and noting that during the latter half of that year [when consensus was king] I saw a grand total of 3 people in public settings not wearing a mask. [People in cars excluded]. I estimate being on foot/within earshot of roughly 1500 during that time. Cases were going up, up, up in my state and around the country. If masks had preventive value, the case numbers should have at least tapered or flatlined.

  4. It is actually good scientific method to list possible confounding factors. And there are ALWAYS going to be confounding effects, especially with something as complex as health and disease. That's WHY you need samples as large as possible and statistical correction. If they used excessively high cycle numbers, that should equally effect both mask and non-mask-wearers, and if not, you'd need to explain why not.

    The mention of gas mask usage seems more to be about the practicality of operating while using them. So while not specifically about CoVid, it is indicative of a possible use. The gas molecules they filter against are MUCH smaller than any virus, so depending on exactly HOW filtration is achieved, they may be effective. These masks can also have particulate filters.


  6. Thank you for pointing out this study. Masks were effective when we just had droplet transmission and you were right to point out that. As soon as Covid-19 went aerosol transmission, masks became useless. This is simply a fact based on the diameter of virus particles. N-95 masks are good at accumulating droplets and re-dispersing virus aerosols in both directions. I now look at the "mask morons" and ask myself how many years they plan to be masking for this virus. I listen to their nauseating self affirming pro-mask conversations such as my co-worker who is protecting his unborn child that has curiously developed a heart issue. I'm sure that it had nothing to do with the mRNA Covid vaccine his wife took. Meanwhile I listen to my other co-worker bragging about inoculating their infant child with mRNA vaccine and bite my tongue to not say it amounts to child abuse given risk vs benefit for the Covid vaccine for that age. It is good Chris Martinson dares to discuss the subjects of vaccines and masks. I'm a molecular virologist the biotech industry with 3 decades experience. I'm sad for people who should know better but refuse to listen but I'm learning not to care so much.

  7. So thankful for your ability to break down all this malarkey and show those that will take the time to try and educate themselves all the lies. I know I would never be able to do what you do and again I’m very thankful.

  8. I think its slightly disingenuous to harpoon this terrible study without making any decent qualifying statements about the efficacy of masks. It comes across as anti-mask dog whistling tbh and you are better than that. People have been using respirators and face masks for over a hundred years, and they are obviously highly effective. The statistical failure rate of mask-wearing during the pandemic is easily attributed to:
    Wearing terrible masks and face coverings that dont protect adequately
    Lack of training
    Operational error
    Basically thinking the mask gives magical protection and not combining mask use with other factors of general hygiene and protection.
    And probably the most important factor, the disease is clearly vectoring from household to household via kids. So all the mask wearing in the world is going to be ultimately ineffective if you cohabit with people who are going to bring the virus into your home where I presume you dont wear masks. On one video about PPE in an ICU unit I saw the whole shift getting changed in a tiny room together… so basically at the start and end of every shift, they all crammed into small closet and exposed each other. If one got it, they would ALL get it. Not to mention that disrobing in such a tiny area with contaminated clothes is a ridiculous way to do it. No wonder their whole unit got hammered with staff infections….they simply didnt have decent guidance or understanding on PPE use.
    I have worked with PPE for years now, and spent a lot of time training in it. A good quality FFP3 mask will give you excellent protection, and wearing some form of eye protection, even spectacles will add to that. Unfortunately making this effective requires care, discipline and responsible behaviour. Mask work just fine, its other factors that are the issue here. I have one friend who was 100% diligent, but it turned out someone in his house was been an ass and lying about mask wearing outside the house. He brought the disease into the home and everyone got it. His mum is now bed bound. Sadly masks are only part of the equation and your family is only as safe as the weakest link.
    I am sorry but this whole narrative of "masks dont work" is ludicrous anti-science, which may service your channel metrics but I think maybe you are doing a bit of "cherry picking" yourself here.
    Masks are still working just fine …. its non-compliance and user ignorance that is the problem. But I suspect you know that.

  9. This is why Humanity is doomed. We are experiencing the worst health crisis in over 100 years, and the simple advice to wear a mask triggers 90% of the population as if some kind of tyrannical action was just committed against them. Do any of you people understand the concept of viral load, that a significant percentage of virus that gets airborne is attached to droplets and that wearing a mask is all about minimizing your chances of catching the virus or minimizing the viral load you take in.

  10. Check videos from Chris in year 2020/2021. He has reversed his position (thankfully).
    Here in Singapore the general public hunt you down relentlessly for not wearing a mask whilst the medics remain silent on the topic.

  11. Instead of all these useless reviews of the literature, what they need to consider doing is revamping HVac systems nationwide so that proper air filtration and distribution can have the desired effects.

  12. Masks for the general population are worthless. Dirty unwashed cloth masks, half of the time dangling from a rear view mirror. Constantly readjusting the mask with their hands, bringing germs and viruses closer to the eyes and nose for easier transmission. Depressing natural immune system by breathing dirty recycled air instead of fresh air.
    Throwing dirty disposable masks on to ground or other public places instead of in a biohazard bag.
    People need to follow common sense, wash your hands, stay home if you are sick, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze. Get your rest, eat a healthy diet, get fresh air. This mask mandate was never about the virus, it was about control of the masses and the deliberate destruction of our economy and our country.

  13. The presentation of this paper looks like some high school group project… So many obvious holes. Like they're trying to hide some stuff and target an end result.

  14. That BMJ Millitary Health letter reminded me of the Dopesick mini series (about OxyContin)… where the Purdue seemed to refer to a letter to justify their pil? …. BTW… super excellent video Chris. Keep em coming 🙂

  15. who is making the money on all these masks? who actually owns those factories? what is their influence on the government's health policies?
    why are the green lobby not saying anything about the horrendous mask pollution ??

  16. Unbelievable. This is why you cannot simply leave your critical thinking to "sciencey" papers, or the fraudulent, politically-motivated people citing such "studies" without even reading them. What trash. It seems as if our erstwhile trustworthy institutions are now being run by 12-year-olds. I can understand journalism people operating like dimwits, as this has been the trend, and monetary incentives. But those who are tasked with doing actual science? They selected those 13 papers because, "reasons." 😂

  17. I've been wearing a surgical mask properly in indoor public places since the pandemic started…and I haven't gotten COVID…or the usual colds or flus…for two years.

    Works fine for me, so I'll continue wearing one.

  18. Science is not a dogma. It is a method. The crucial question about science is, WHOSE science is it? Who is funding it and why are they investing the necessary capital?

    The USA's BNDD and DEA's scientists "proved" conclusively, over and over again for 75 years, that the cannabis plant is such a deadly menace to humanity that the only way to protect us from such an existential threat was to lock up anyone with any amount of any portion of the cannabis plant on their person in prison (for the safety of all of us), and just for good measure, seize all of their worldly assets.

    Most important, though was that no one but no one but them must ever be allowed to do any independent research on the subject.

    Similarly, the scientists of the Third Reich "proved" that only people with what the state defined as "pure Aryan blood" were worthy of being considered fully human.

    Scientific research is expensive, and only those with the greatest amounts of working capital can afford to fund it, and by Jove, they demand a return on their investment!

    Pronouncements by politicians, central bankers and their media shills are not science.

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