Seriously, How Can Anyone Approve of the Job Beijing Biden is Doing?

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  1. Blaclk women (as an aggregate, not all) still support Biden because of the dumb 'vote blue no matter who' mentality. They're the only ones I run across that admit they not only support but like creepy uncle Joe.

  2. Only property owners and veterans should vote, and they should have to undergo a simple test………A test like citizenship applicants undergo. Boy, would that cut down on the voter rolls!!!

  3. Joe is asleep at the wheel … and the Ho is in hiding …. not hard to guess who's pulling the strings behind the scenes, brace for a major market correction when the smart people realize that the Fed Res is out of ammo, raising interest rates will bankrupt the Treasury via high debt service …. and the supply chain issues have just begun … it's going to be a "dark winter" for sure …. with the elites heading for their bunkers as angry Americans take to the streets, Capital's and the courts with pitchforks and torches

  4. It boggles my mind. In no way can anyone objectively defend Joerock Obiden. He has always been stupid now he's stupid with mental decline. Liberals' mental gymnastics are world-class. There are only two kinds of democrats either stupid or ignorant to the facts.

  5. The entire admin is full of diversity-hired fools. Harris and Buttigieg are complete idiots and they are the tip of the iceberg. Rachel Levine is a f ing 4 star admiral in the public health service the first whaaman 4 star lol. This garbage admin is unreal. The 2020s are some kind of nightmare and it's just begun.

  6. Nothing amount of strife will make any difference to the midterms, unless the election fraud is stopped. Otherwise, you'll see a miraculous 'blue wave" in every election going forward.

  7. Based on my observations of people the explanation is simple. Most people physically can't think. They don't go through their lives analyzing information and making choices based on any well thought out assessment of the world. They simply glide through life like drones, repeating and doing what they are told and doing nothing to gain additional knowledge or information. The average person doesn't read and will click off of any youtube video that is more than a couple minutes long and doesn't have a bunch of flashing images to distract them. They aren't going to read Thomas Sowell or watch an online lecture on politics or economics or anything like that. The average person struggles with basic math, how are they every going to be able to understand statistical evidence? I've had arguments with college educated people who didn't even understand the difference between sample studies and population level statistics. How could you ever hope to explain anything to them. The rebuttal of everything Biden and the left believes is in the numbers, but these people are physically incapable of understanding those numbers. So they defer to the opinion of who they are told are "experts".

  8. I can show them the truth. Give them first hand evidence and show them where the evidence came from…and yet they will CHOOSE not to listen to reason. They will refuse to see it for the lie it is!

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