Seth Rogan Wants You To Stop Complaining About Rampant Crime Surge


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  1. He's part of the hollyweird luciferians. Do as we say or your career is done. They need us to listen to these child rapists who are playing at acting. Government and Hollyweird are best buds. They can create any narrative they want. Then fake MSM runs with the bullshit. Rittenhouse bullshit. Wisconsin parade killer was on south park 3 days before it happened. Nothing you see on tv is true. All propaganda to divide us anyway possible. I'm am beyond astonished how fucked up all this shit is.

  2. Casey neistat who Seth was talking about tried to bully his viewers into voting for Hillary. He should have to live in the filth he helped created by voting for pedophilic demonrats

  3. Seth rogen is fine with you breaking into his car and robbing him, but if you write something that goes against his narrative on his twitter he will personally message you to insult you

  4. he doesn't live in Crenshaw, Compton, Watts, Downtown LA, East LA, North Hollywood – like all his liberal white friends, he lives in a gated community on a hill with armed security guards; the hypocrisy of a white liberal is gross and disgusting

  5. It’s unbelievable that the celebrity elite are literally saying in the press in front of everyone that the rise in crime isn’t a problem and no one is waking up to this insanity. I mean how much more do people need to see before they stop following these crazed minds? They are literally saying you and your safety don’t matter.

  6. I’m about that Kyle life. I live in the country. If you get found in someone’s house. You may be fed to the pigs. We don’t have time for court. We have work to do. Sorry. U or friends want to play games like that. You may be spared. We work hard for what we got. Come to get it. May get a bullet. So don’t do it. Lol.

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