Seth Rogen INSULTS Everyone Who Criticized Santa Inc

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Written by Drunk 3PO


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  1. The other thing is, there's just a complete paucity of original ideas in it; he recycled the title from Monsters Inc. – he borrowed the look from Rankin Bass – he stole the gingerbread characters from Shrek – etc etc etc.

    So, it's really uninspired, lazy and predictable, and then he just grafts his noxious, bigoted woke bullshit on there and congratulates himself for "pissing off 10,000 white supremacists" when what's really going on is that more or less everybody just correctly identified this show as pure, unmitigated hateful crap. What a Godforsaken douchebag Seth Rogen is; I hope a Christmas miracle happens to open his eyes.

  2. Literally people following other religions actively destroying Christian traditions, using hundreds of millions to attack another religion. This is a religious hate crime in movie form.
    The movie is is not only blatant racism, but the plot is literally about wiping away a (white?) Christian tradition and basically blasphemy against a Christian saint!!

  3. Congrats on hitting 50k subs Joay! I was starting to get a bit worried when I saw You got stuck on 48.9k for what felt like ages. (I know You haven't hit it just yet, but You will soon.)

  4. Twitter should prove that being rich and famous doesn't bring happiness in fact evidently it makes you constantly miserable and full of hatred.

  5. It's not "White supremacists" that are especially upset at Seth Rogan or Sarah Silverman. "White supemacists" are actually gleefully exploiting the stereotype confirmation by Seth Rogan and Sarah Silverman. If anything "White supremacists" appreciate their unintentional confirmation of the "White supremacist" narrative.

  6. I actually really liked the show. I laughed a lot. I don't care about politics. I enjoyed myself. Art is subjective. Freedom of speech is fantastic. I can enjoy it; people can hate it, and Seth can say whatever he wants. I didn't lose any sleep. I love Seth Rogan. It's not a movie; it's a limited show series. People take TV too seriously.

  7. Seth rogan has surprised me, i had no idea how illogical and foolish he was until the last couple of years. One positive result I think of having had president trump was that he brought many peoples honest true selves into the light.
    It seems many celebrities, politicians, and media figures had been hiding who they were and what they thought until trump "broke" them and then they went bananas in full view of the public. A common occurence I had never really noticed in the past, was just how often the wealthy and powerful are comfortable making claims based on their personal bias that seem to be unsupported by any evidence or facts.
    Celebrities especially are used to giving their opinion and it being listened too and even respected, but it seems those days may have passed and the 'aura of celebrity' has faded for many people.

  8. I'm gonna become the new OPRAH. On the NEW Oprah, we're white guys who talk about guns, beer and cars.
    Instead of creating my own thing, I have to over-write something that exists.
    Support my endeavor because I'm stunning and brave.

  9. They pritty much sayed: Christmes is too white and needs to get woke. Not only did they miss the point of the hole hollyday but is made by ppl that do not even celebrate it. Then playes the victim when people show criticism. Well I wonder what media will say if someone made a animation saying: Hanukkah is too Hebrew, ramadan is too brown, etc. And undermining the hole idea and point of that hollyday. There will be a media shitstorm. But if it is white it is ok to attack? What the shit is that?

  10. This post by
    Seth Rogen is just straight up Race-Baiting. Everyone is tired of it now. All it does is cause division. Everyone can see it for what it is now. The extreme end of this is someone acting on it and causing harm. Is that what they want? So they can point more fingers?

  11. I was a huge fan of Seth rogen. And then ever since he showed his woke side I can't fucking stand him. Why don't these "celebrities" realize that a majority of people do not agree with woke culture so by selling out to the woke minority YOU LOSE FANS FROM THE MAJORITY!

    I was a fan of Ben Affleck… Not anymore. I was a fan of Robert de Niro…. Not anymore. I was a fan of The Rock… Not anymore. I was a fan of Matt Damon…. Not anymore. I was a fan of John Cena… Not anymore. It's like every "celebrity" I used to think was an independent thinker and a role model about what it means to be a man… Suddenly got their balls chopped off and now kisses the asses of the delusional, brainwashed, certifiably crazy minority of left-wing progressive liberal extremist cry baby buffoons 🙄

  12. Oh, yeah, if he had taken the L, this all would have been cool, but he actually came and said that everyone that hated his show were white supremacists. Instead of being cool, I really hope this ends his career. To get, what was at the time a 1% audience score on his movie and say it was because of white supremacy, there is no forgiveness for that. I want him to fail.

  13. Genuinely curious though, has anyone actually seen this show? (it's not a movie, so I can many people in the comment section definitely haven't, and I don't think Drunk 3PO has either). I haven't and probably won't to clarify.

    Only reason I'm asking is because I genuinely don't know whether the 'Santa is a white man' schtick in the trailer is hamfisted social commentary (could well be, Hollywood is full of posturing 'liberals', and I'm no fan of Rogen) or if it's some sort of joke that has some sort of element of irony to it in the actual show. Not saying either one is definitely the case, or that white supremacists are sabotaging this, but people do tend to get a bit uppity about these sorts of things when they see a trailer like this, especially when they feel like they're being lectured to by liberals, which is understandable.

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