sex ed by disney!

grooming problem? WHAT grooming problem???

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  1. Disneys has been fkn kids up since day one, does this really surprise anyone? I mean every single movie they put out all have a tragic beginning (usually a parent dying) with a happy ending. And all they did was take the original fairy tales and twist them a little to make them more kid friendly. There was no happy ending in the original stories but of course a grousome ending wouldn't have sucked the kids and parents in. And as for the sjw fake woke crowd you ppl boycott and virtue signal the wrong crap these days, I mean hell the guy that started Disney was as racist as they come and really hated Jews. But no let's cancel things that actually teach morals instead of pedophilia.

  2. If Disney is so progressive why haven’t they made a mainstream animated film we’re the main character is gay? Not hinted, not implied, openly gay.

    Answer: China wouldn’t buy it.

  3. What do you mean that they are groomers? What proof do you have for that connection? It’s hard to come to a conclusion that fast and while I do agree that Disney has repeatedly marketed their movies as the first ___ despite them not being the first, I don’t see how teaching kids that the LGBT community exist. Showing them this content won’t immediately turn them not straight. This isn’t a strong point, but don’t many gay and lesbian kids grow up their whole lives seeing straight material and still end up that way? The internet would have definitely caused that mostly but the point is why are kids being gay correlate to child grooming?

  4. One of my co-workers is leaving due to inappropriate sexual behavior with adult staff and clients. Not sure how people targeting children can stay out of trouble. They need to be punished or jailed.

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