SF Falls Into Death Spiral As Democrat Policies Drive Crime, Mass Exodus Of People AND Businesses

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  1. "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." – John Adams

    The honor system fails when people have no moral core. And when people have no moral core, one must be imposed upon them. And that can only be done through the implementation of an increasingly brutal authoritarian government.

  2. Stay! Stay in what you created. You voted these people in to office. Stay! You wanted to defund police. Stay! Your getting everything you wanted so STAY! Don’t come to republican ran areas and bring your proven wrong idealism. You want it different vote for the right people. So stay and deal with your choices.

  3. I love your content, but you repeat yourself 1000s times every video. Idk who told u to do this but just stop. U don't get paid more for longer videos. Use ur pod cast for that and keep the YouTube videos shorter. I watch the whole videos every time. But u just repeat way to much.

  4. Buy some old cruise ships, park them in the bay, free housing and medical services for the homeless. Yet this can't happen because it could actually help improve situations.

    SF politicians want to see the city burn and be covered in turds.

  5. The elites are deliberately doing this to create the coming stock market and property market crash, every time it happens vast amounts of money and assets 'vanish'… And suddenly people like Bill Gates and Soros are snapping up bargains…

  6. People in ID and TX need to tell their new neighbors what's up. Make these folks understand there are values in these areas and they need to get with the program or they will not fit in. This is the way big cities work.

  7. If they were smart, they wouldn't have voted Democrat in the first place. It actually makes sense that they keep ruining the places they flee to because their IQ's are too low to figure out what's really going on.