Shakey Graves – Late July

One of the most talented Austin songwriters and musicians, Shakey Graves, plays a badass tune in the bottom of a storm ditch on a crisp February afternoon in East Austin.
Surrounded by tunnels, trains and grassy knolls make for a stirring rendition of his song “Late July”

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Filmed on a Canon 60D, graded in Final Cut Pro, on location in a storm ditch on the east side of Austin Texas.


Written by BE LIE ALL


  1. It's a bit crazy but this bloke saved my life I was at a crossroads , this one tune, changed my mind. I am still here , and I love this song still. Peace love and happiness

  2. Your music is like a whole ass beautiful outlook on life, taking things one step at a time enjoying every random beautiful experience to the fullest, was tripping when I heard you for the first time and just feel I’m love with your whole vibe, it’d be the best time in my life to meet you one day and have a conversation, keep it up man your phenomenal