“SHAMEFUL!” This Is How Bill Gates & Billionaires Are HIJACKING Our Future!

I spoke again with the incredible #VandanaShiva on my podcast Under the Skin. In this video she discusses how globalisation is destroying sovereignty and handing power over to the super rich.
Vandana is an Indian scholar, food sovereignty advocate and environmental activist. She is author of: Oneness VS the 1%: Shattering Illusions, Seeding Freedom.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. It's not the "super rich," it's the "super powerful." They happen to be rich, yes; however, I want to make the distinction because they are allowed to have such power that no one else, even if you had the money yourself, would not be permitted to do. It's a small club and only a select few are in it.

  2. i wear a shirt says eat the rich. i was so mad at corruption and how it is effecting my check. then spent last few hundred dollars buying 30 more shirts. now i have these things im kinda scared to hand them out lol. should i give them to strangers in parking lots? what if there life takes a down turn because of that action? wtf am i gonna do with all these t shirts lmao?

  3. There are still activists that understand what the real threat is to our planet and humanity is, power concentrated in the hands of the few. This courageous woman, activist, a teacher, is one of them!

  4. Cows fed corn and grains produce 3x LESS methane than grass fed cows and coal fired power plants produce more green house gases than oil, so it's not just an attack on poorer nations.

    I do agree less attention has been given to oil use and production than it should be due to the money and power behind the oil industry.

  5. Also check up on Dustin Moskovits he's former co-owner of Facebook, but still owns a good chunk of Facebook stock..he's in deep with Gates and Supplied over 20,000 dollars to Hillary campaign…coincidence? 🤷‍♀️

  6. This was one of the best videos I have ever seen and applaud you both for using this platform to share such invaluable information. More of this please brother Russell and sister Vandana. Thank you, much love, Namaste 🙏🏼 🦁💜☀️

  7. The insight of wise elders that have always 'payed attention' is a valuable resource to every society's genuine growth. Something our American society has learned to devalue partly due to the mindset of instant gratification, and 'the next best thing'.

  8. Unfortunately, she is wrong with her conclusion. Neither delegated democracy nor direct democracy will save life on earth from this world order. The Order itself is beyond repair and reform and life will get much worse and mankind will be too far gone to save it. Only God and His Guidance will save us

  9. They should all be in prison from Jeffrey Epstein case but because they have money they all walk free….Americans need a task force to take these people to justice….the fbi goes after those that speak up not those that are doing harm….

  10. The comments made are just reflections of the objectives of the utopia the 'elite' are searching for. Politians supply the mechanisms needed for these elite to prosper. It is above capitalism where reality is twisted and manipulated so that the focus of the masses is on the red herring not the facts.
    NZ has force fed cows and modern farming techniques that produces milk products. This production has massive amounts of methane but our government is trying to assist big business in changing the cows into some bionic beast whoere milk comes out and methane stays in. Pure greed is the aim at the expense of animal welfare. Profits instead of human welfare

  11. I feel like they are buying farmland to intentionally cause it to fail and cause an artificial food shortage to increase government reliance in the future. If food shortages come to the USA due to this, it'll be the billionaires doing it intentionally.

  12. Net 0 is a power grab, you cant control the weather,you can't control people,but you can control the idea you can control weather so you grab control of co2. Food won't grow without co2 thats why bill gates is buying up so much land in middle America if allowed they are going to cap and seize co2 from factories much like they already are for the fizz in your soda and pump it right into gates property making him and a few others the only ones who can grow food that is why he is trying to turn us all into vegetarians him and his cohorts will control the co2 thus the food sources and humanity.Bill Gates is a monster.

  13. The whole system is theoretical it’s all about swaying the masses into their agendas it’s always been this way it’s just the internet has exposed them more than ever and they are scrambling like mad to cover their asses.

  14. How is it RB is a better source of information and NEWS than, ABC ,BBC,CBS NBC, MSN, CNN, FOX,NYT, WAPO, RT? You've earned my trust because you're not a paid corporate globalist shill. Keep this up and they'll smear you or shut you down.

  15. that lady nailed it all! Money talks and bullshit walks – this is our dire reality. Until we do not deconstruct it, there will be not much hope for us. Since the term "green economy" appeared some dozen years ago, from the very beginning of that coining of this particular term, I felt this is the utmost perverse term ever. Like a "car park". Park is where trees and bushes grow, bird sing and human soul expand, but what is "car park". All that cars do is creating a noise and fumes. Same goes with "green economy". Economy is making a profit. Profit comes from the robbing of nature and human soul. Period. You can not make any profit without turning environment into toxic wasteland and humans into robots. That is a well established fact.

    But we can do commerce, exchange and activities without pursuing profit. Its not so hard in the end…

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