SHAMELESS Biden Sides With EU Against Brexit

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SHAMELESS Biden Sides With EU Against Brexit

Written by Mahyar Tousi

Political YouTuber | TalkRadio Contributor | Free Trade Brexiteer | Free Speech, Free Markets, Free People | Small Government | Atheist


  1. Lol the dem rats are bitter 😉 probably because a British spy n five eyes failed there mission to prevent trump winning and now the rats are being drained from the swamp 😉

  2. But to be fare,he wont remember what he did in the past,he does not even remember that his chosen vice president hates his gut,s and accused him of many things when she was running against him in 2016. Poor man really does not know what going and only repeats what is written on a autoqueue.

  3. As the Democrats have chosen to declare an intent to damage UK interests, should they form the next US administration, I think a notice to quit should be sent now to Biden informing him that in the event of him acting against UK interests when President that US military and naval assets must leave UK territory within three months of his inauguration. This would include Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. All US military aircraft and naval units would be excluded from entering UK waters or airspace. As NATO would be primarily composed of countries hostile to the UK it would be ridiculous to remain part of the organization, or the Five Eyes intelligence group although we might try to co operate with Australia, New Zealand and Canada seperately from the US, so an exit from these and a similar exclusion of NATO units from UK territory should follow.

  4. Hi. Just wanted to clarify some things you mentioned. 1. It is both Democrats AND Republicans who have said that they will not accept a new trade deal, not just the Democrats. A letter from the Congress stating this is co-signed by a Republican. Even if Trump were to stay in power, the deal would not go through. If he could have made a deal by himself, don’t you think he would have done so already? He loves getting up in peoples faces, in this case, the EU. 2. If Brexit isn’t a problem then why is the UK still trying to figure things out? It is naive to say that others see it as a problem whereas the UK doesn’t. 3. International law disagreements are dealt with in The Hague, international court, not the EU court. Trade disputes are dealt with in the World Trade Organisation. Just saying.

  5. It’s not really so much anti-British as pro-Irish Republicanism. You need to understand Irish politics and its history to really understand this issue Mahyar. The Provisional IRA got most of its weaponry from two sources: (1) Col. Gadaffi in Libya; and (2) Irish Americans supported by the Democrats, particularly Edward Kennedy and Tip O’Neill.
    The Democrats don’t care how it affects Unionists, just Irish Nationalists and Republicans. On St Patrick’s Day Biden said “No-one in Orange is welcome” — a reference to the Orange Order which celebrates the defeat of Nationalists led by King James by Unionists led by King William of Orange (Holland) in 1690.

  6. Does it matter who wins the US Elections, whether it is the "Donald" or "Joe" or the New Candiate the "Donkey" because they are all Puppets to the 1% who own the Western World? Nothing ever changes for the Majority off the people!

  7. I'm not a citizen of the UK and neither is Mr. Biden. It is up to the citizens of their own country to decide their future. Unless you believe in the NWO. Could it be Mr. Biden does? Or at least his handlers do!

  8. What is the point of him saying anything about the UK leaving the EU . he is an American , when did the yanks have any power over a British vote or our politics , what a knob

  9. Well done Joe, The people of Scotland (like you) know just how quick England is to throw Northern Ireland into chaos with an External EU border across it. This is just one reason why England has in effect declared Independence from the UK. The UK is not going to exist for much longer thanks to 15.2 Million Brexit English nationalists. The only Union that respects the people of Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland is the EU. Goodbye England and thank you Joe.

  10. Joe Biden, the Democrats, most other US politicians, the EU, and half the MPs in the Commons and almost all the useless prats in the Lords are all part of the globalist conspiracy. But I doubt Joe Biden has any thoughts of his own these days. Senile or not, he's just a stalking horse for Kamala Harris and spokesman for the multi-nationals.

  11. Imagine us saying “if you do X with Canada or Mexico etc then… we hate you!” Learn the days of the week sleepy joe and shut up mind your own business

  12. You do realise that Biden is Irish to his core. He has visited Ireland on many occasions to discuss trade the Irish economy movement of Irish people between Ireland and the USA. Also Northern Ireland. He has been lobbying on behalf of the people of Ireland for the last 30 years. The main problem I see here is that ( for god knows what reason) people in the UK can't see what even the smallest suggestion of a possible borders between the Republic and Northern Ireland Can do to hardliners on both side's. Brexit is your mess you deal with it. The legal binding deal that Boris signed off on was his deal. Now he says I didn't know what I was saying and no clue what I was signing. Then he pulls the new bill out and uses it like a bargaining chip. Ooow we might have a border up the North. Absolutely shocking behaviour from any head of state. The things he has said and done then done a complete U-Turn on is very poor. Its not Brexit isn't only about the UK economy it also has very serious consequences about peace on this Island.

  13. Of course Biden fights against Brexit. The Marxist Demoncrats of America are exactly the same as the Marxist EU. Donald Trump & his team stopped Agenda 21 in its tracks. The Demoncrats are trying to oust President Trump and the EU is trying to overturn Brexit. We are in the middle of a Communist Coup. God bless President Trump and all Patriots over the world.

  14. Joe Biden is irrelevant just like the libs dems in the U.K.
    Trump for re-election, if Biden wins – western democracy is flushed away and China will become a world dominant force. But all the looney woke SJW’s in America will import even more of their ideals to this country

  15. Biden You Muppet….Im Not sure if it was ethical for Nagasaki and Hiroshima to be bombed…..don't lecture us on Peace process…… As for the Native Indians …..

  16. America has put men on the Moon, sent robotic probes to land on Mars and the furthest planets of the Solar System and this is the best they can select for people to lead their country? Perhaps the old saying that 'great nations are defeated from within rather than without' remains true to this day…

  17. If he looking for the Irish vote. He should be looking for the solution that maintains the status quo and peace in Ireland not something that reverts to the old bigotry and opens the old wounds again. Peace has come with power sharing and growth in prosperity on both communities in Ireland. The EU has a history of helping to open Pandora boxes and walking away. Croatia and Ukraine.

  18. Biden has ZERO chance of winning anything so no worries. It may also be good to point out that he has no idea what BREXIT actually is. The entire, ENTIRE left side of the isle is against anything that the majority want or believe in, they're slogan should be "We're Against Everything"!

  19. So Obama told us how to vote on Brexit, now this fool wants to force us to do something wrong, then of course, no longer allow any America military here in the UK and no longer support them in anything that puts this country at risk.