Shane Gillis on Visiting Mar-a-Lago

Taken from JRE #1866 Protect Our Parks 5:

Written by PowerfulJRE


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  1. It is pretty apparent that Trump was a Russian asset all along. One KBG agent said a few years ago that they have been grooming Trump since 1987. If not a Manchurian candidate, then a useful idiot. And there’s no doubt that he has given/sold/repaid debts with Classified documents to the Saudi‘s, the Russians, and possibly the Chinese. Certainly would explain the over 20 patents that Ivanka Trump received from China, and the $2 billion the Saudis gave Jared Kushner, even though their advisers told them that Jared Kushner was a moron who lost money on real estate, and couldn’t understand why they would want to give them any money.
    Putting 2016 aside, it is obvious that Donald Trump is both a criminal and the traitor to this country, who committed espionage, and needs to be indicted, arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and incarcerated for the rest of his short , unnatural life. He does look like hell lately, by the way.

  2. I forgot to mention that it is well known now that Trump was using Trump Tower to launder money for the Russian mob. Apartments were bought and sold all the time between parties that were basically laundering money for the Russian mob. More than half the apartments in Trump Tower especially the top floors, were used for this purpose. One of trumps two idiot sons, probably Eric, said in an interview a few years ago that they got a lot of money for their country clubs from the Russians. That the Russians really love golf. Everywhere you look, going back to when Trump owned one of the international beauty pageants, Russians are involved. Yes, going back to 1987. You can connect the dots, or choose to ignore them. But it is fairly obvious Trump has been working with the Russians for a very long time, and did not stop doing so when he became the President of the United States.

  3. Idiots, it's not anti law enforcement to say FBI lied about warrent request for Carter Page, has Epstein Island videos, his Hunter Biden laptop, told FB to hide laptop story, confiscate Bidens daughter's pedo diary, entrapped idiots to kidnap Democrat, had a huge presence at Jan 6th, and raided ex- presidents home for hours with 30 agents looking for Epstein file.

  4. About Ari,I think everyone making him feel like shit about dosing who’s his face? really fucked with his head. it was wrong but now he seems so guarded. I hope he tigers woods it. One of my favorite’s comedians! You all bashed him publicly.

  5. No dude, Shane's is definitely better. Jamie does touch on certain elements of his voice that Shane doesn't. But overall Shane's is more authentic and believable. Jamie gets too nasally.

  6. You say people flip-flop, but they allowed to change their minds. I was pro police till they allowed Antifa and BLM to burn down and loot business, a lot of them black and minority owned. I was pro FBI till they started serving general warrants.

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