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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Christopher Rufo (writer, filmmaker) about his reporting on critical race theory and Donald Trump’s executive order banning government agencies from receiving training involving critical race theory. Christopher gives a straightforward explanation to answer the question “what is critical race theory”, but also discusses its origins and toxic divisive effects. This is an issue that is affecting more and more people as these diversity trainings become more common in everyday workplaces. Christopher first started reporting on the critical race theory debate when he received documents from a whistleblower who notified him of a racially segregated diversity training in Seattle that trained white employees to see their internalized racism and how to “interrupt their whiteness and white privilege”. Since the Black Lives Matter protests erupted a few months ago, Christopher has received mounting evidence from whistleblowers around the country all reporting similar training in systemic racism. These programs encourage people to see other not as individuals, but as defined by their racial group affiliation. Christopher sees the spread of these ideas as dangerous. It is no surprise that when these ideas are acted on, like at CHAZ in Seattle that the activists had a form of racial segregation where there were spaces set up for only members of a certain racial group. Christopher traces the origins back to Marxism and it’s worldview of only seeing the world as a conflict between the oppressor and the oppressed. If we don’t do something to stop these ideas immediately, we risk turning our back on the ideas of Martin Luther King where we judge people as individuals and instead return to a past where we judge people on the color of their skin. Christopher argues the urgency and importance of pushing back on these toxic ideas now.

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  1. Our company is steeped in CRT. We get email from the Diversity and Inclusion office nearly every day and are expected to attend video conferences. On the calls, a few black people whine about abusive police and a handful of white people lament their white supremacy. The facilitators nod their heads in solemn agreement, and the rest of us (of all races) remain silent. We all got along great until this happened. I never thought I would see our CEO cave to this insanity. He's been with the company 40 years. The pressure on him must have been tremendous.

  2. One of the most encouraging videos I have ever watched. Even if President Trump is a heathen, he is the heathen who can lead us in this time of great peril. He gets the problem(s) tearing our country down in his gut and is the first President in my lifetime willing to fight. As Bibi Netanyahu said he is the modern day Cyrus, the Persian who freed the Israelites from their captivity in Babylon and led them back to the promised land (see Isaiah ch. 45).

  3. So everything was fine until the crazy liberals started analyzing stuff and suddenly there are riots and civil unrest and it’s all because liberal minded people asked some tough questions and offered some potential answers? Are we saying that the theory about what’s wrong with society is the cause of all of our problems? Like if people just accepted the status quo there wouldn’t be any problems?

  4. This dummy basically wants to pretend that whiteness was invented in this nation and has dominated! So when we all embrace race and try to carve out power u knw want to pretend race doesn't exist.

  5. Whiteness feels threatening and now u upset. White people specifically white men dominate this from owning all resources (oil,etc), banks, land, etc.

  6. Back in the 1970's we here in Detroit used to talk about how traditional Marxist based class theory (labor unionism) was becoming irrelevant. As workers gained financially through either union bargaining or educational opportunities we knew that race, gender, & sexual orientation held possibilities because they went straight to the heart of capitalist ideology & its attendant institutions. So to effect proper change in a way we could benifit from we needed to latch on to these new issues/straw men.

  7. I thought the theory was based on dominance being maintained by dividing people. Divide and conquer with race as the divisive tool. I’ve only watched a few minutes of this video but it seems that they’re saying that the theory about racial divisiveness is another form of segregation? And referencing the 1950’s as the point when racism ended?

  8. Come the revolution there will be a power vacuum out of which there emerge a cult of personality around a messiah like person who will be given absolute power to develop the revolution into a "workers paradise" like Robespierre, Uncle Joe, "Chairman" Mao, or Pol Pot & his year 0. Bang, bang. You're dead!

  9. You put them (Democrats) first," said Malcolm X, "and they put you last.

    'Cause you're a chump. A political chump! … Any time you throw your weight

    behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and that

    party can't keep the promise that it made to you during election time, and you

    are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify yourself with that party

    — you're not only a chump but you're a traitor to your race."

  10. Critical race theoreticians didn't cause the crumbling of American institutions. That began some time back. Rather, they are a moving force, much like the vulture, that initiates the breakdown of the carcass after it begins to smell.

  11. Hmm seems like the left are super devisive. Pure brainwashing and the schools pushing this should be closed. It's islamic fascism. That's what they are wanting to establish.

  12. What happens in the CHAZ-like system of segregated facilities, production, etc. when one group empirically outperforms another despite continuous redistribution?

  13. These communist wannabes have become willing victims of their own hystericel sloganeering and propaganda….the very dumbest fall easily, they are the most violent as well.

  14. They are trying to be what used to be called Marxist Lenninists, with pretetious LARPs who want to star in the barracade scene from "Le Mis" in what they think was the first French Revolution,

  15. It’s just SUCH AN EASY SELL to tell a human being, “you know all of your shortcomings in life? It’s not you fault. It’s the fault of (INSERT GROUP HERE).” Every tyrant in history has used a variation of this method. Except it’s usually used against an unpopular minority, not the national supermajority. But they’ve done quite a job Balkanizing people along the myriad of social, sexual, gender and economic faultlines that exist in western civilization today.

  16. This garbage thinking was creeping into the school district before I retired from teaching. I didn't really understand where it was coming from. My undergrad work was done in a Christian university and it was clear that my philosophy of teaching was very different from my colleages from state universities. I can see it more closely now.

  17. I can't believe some coward deleted my well-researched comment! This is what happens when the delicate intellectual foundation of imbeciles are faced with the weight of reality!

  18. Look, they don't want anything from us. They don't want their lives to change. They don't want racism to go away, they don't want to work, they
    don't want to be nice, they don't want to make sense. They want to go around acting like gangsters and getting off on making people obedient
    to them, and having the power of God to have them fired at will. They couldn't care less how they look to us, or what it does to us or what we
    think they want. It doesn't matter. They are getting paid to be nasty and they are loving it. Period.

  19. Let’s be honest – those who preach CRT do NOT want “meaningful conversations” or “work done” toward their goal. CRT and it’s philosophy is currency. If the “work” is done, the currency will be spent and they’ll have nothing. The currency is their power and they will never let it go.

    That’s why I don’t acknowledge this movement. There is no solution. There was never meant to be.

  20. CRT takes a person, not historically racist, and forces them to choose a side. Either you must accept being a racist and be in constant repent or you are a racist , refuse to repent, and cast out of society. I choose not to play games where all strategies are losing.