SHARRI MARKSON: What Really Happened in Wuhan

NEW VIDEO; Tucker Carlson: What Really Happened in Wuhan (EXCLUSIVE); Has China’s suppression of information of what happened in Wuhan mean we will never know the origins of the outbreak? Throughout the past 18-months, the conventional explanation for this pandemic has been that the virus spilled over from animals to humans in the wet markets of Wuhan. Yet, the origins of Covid-19 remain unknown.

Yet as the news of an outbreak in Wuhan broke, the Chinese military took control. Gagging laboratory insiders, preventing access to data, and even objecting to calls for an international enquiry. All this has led to uncertainty about any role, that the laboratory played in causing the pandemic. Recently, when President Biden ordered intelligence agencies to investigate whether it might have escaped from a Wuhan lab, the media started taking the theory seriously.

In 2021, Award-winning journalist Sharri Markson released her book What Really Happened in Wuhan (HarperCollins). That year in September, Sharri and Sky News Australia released secured the first sit-down interview for an Australian broadcast media outlet with Donald Trump since he was elected president in 2016 and release a documentary.

Sharri spent more than a year investigating the potential leak of the virus from a top-secret laboratory in Wuhan. Watch the documentary here;
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  1. I hear a lot of adjectives from this woman, not a lot of facts. Which is a shame because she's probably right. "It was very confusing to me, i had no background in science."

    Oh dear. Why is she speaking then ?

  2. I beleive her reporting is all the truth and i also strongly believe that the world for justice if its is there any? That everyone thats involved with this virus should be brought to trial and have a hearing in everything that they were involved in including those that covered up and made it impossible to find out the truth. That includes the media cuz i believe that they were paid by those. This world has gotten so evil that nobody is being held accountable for their actions.

  3. Falsi created all the bio weapons going back to swine flu and makes money off the vax that isn't a vax while hiding the cures for himself. I think he is part of project paperclip and is Mengele's son.

  4. Many believe Markson's investigation and I hope more information will be definitive in the future. The real question for me, is why. Why would you create a virus that best suits humans and is airborne; the most dangerous. It's beyond crazy. Creating a airborne virus that spreads in humans is up there with any other scenario of a Extention Level Event and we are making it in a laboratory? Please continue your research…

  5. I do not agree with the statement/question
    " could this be China's Chernobyl
    I believe the question should be;
    "Could this be China's attempt
    to test Biological warfare? "!!!

  6. I read two articles about a week apart in either August or September of 2019 which told of a man who was contracted to dispose of lab specimens but instead of burning them was selling them to the market. The gist of the articles was that the man been doing this for over a tear and had been given a lengthy prison sentence. Can't find anything about this now.

  7. She had better be VERY careful to back up all of her data in multiple locations with multiple trusted people, and be very public about everything she uncovers. She shouldn't give them any reason to disappear her. She's going up against VERY powerful and wealthy and corrupt people. Tens or Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars are at stake, not to mention the political benefits, that will buy a lot of hit men and hit women.

  8. The vast majority of the regular media are cooperative, carefully controlled by the elite and divisive and I think we all now fully understand that. When stories do not suit them their now well-worn methodology to stifle public comment and belief is to cry "Conspiracy". I am sorry but you have overused and worn out this pathetic tactic. If we look back on "conspiracies" they have mostly later proven to be absolutely true from day one. We funded and condoned "Gain of function" viral research which was specifically conducted to sample wild animal viruses and specifically engineer them and their spike proteins to make them able to be preferentially now spread efficiently amongst human beings. The slack low level 2 and 3 of security in the Wuhan viral research labs was totally scientifically inappropriate and were, I sincerely believe, purposely allowed or simply "systemically set up" to prime the lab for certain failure and "accidental" release of any new viral Coronavirus they specifically designed to have human transmissibility. They did an efficient job and this was then exactly what happened.

    All we now have to ask is "What were they trying to achieve" and then did they enact all the rules and regulations to make sure this desired result was the eventual outcome. I leave you all to decide on that one. What we must now investigate is the detailed science of the vaccines! What was even the scientific logic of trying to develop a vaccine when we knew ever newer strains of the virus would quickly evolve in degrees of mortality and transmissibility? Could we logically justify the "lockdowns" and all the financial and general physical and mental health stress this would cause in the general public and especially the least secure and well paid? The major governments and the WHO have much to answer for and this will become all the more apparent as the virus evolves and time elapses.

  9. There's only one way to prosperity and Americans are not following it. It's not Righteous how we treat foreigners, those far away and those who show up at our door. The war business is not Righteous. Wars in this modern time are directed by evil. Actually, if you want to know the truth, a policy of more open immigration in America would bring a few hundred million people, which would get us to about half China's size. This would spark a booming economy. There's only one Way, it's The Way and The Word. Follow the two most important rules told to us by Jesus, stop dividing and fighting over the lesser ones because you break the first two in the process. If America did that, if America repented, then the nation would be blessed by Our Creator.

  10. Sharri missed interviewing the people who know the virus best, Professor Edward Holmes AUSTRALIAN. What does Mike Pompeo know about viruses? probably as much as Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld or George W Bush knew about WMD in Iraq. What are we following to track infections and the virus ? SCIENCE …NOT POLITICS GET REAL !!!

  11. Well done Sharri !!! Good to know the truth is spread around the world… Dr Li Wen Liang sacrifices has awaken the world to distrust the communist regime

  12. Sharri Markson book is totally nonsense full of lies. She knew nothing about COVID-19. Yet she spewed like an expert shamelessly!
    Sharri Markson must have contracted verbal diarrhoea accidentally due unknown reasons.

  13. Top scientists do not know but Sharri Markson is THE SMARTEST than all of them combined inclusive of those yet to come into existence!
    Sharri Markson is not ashamed of herself!

  14. Just reading the book now. Well done Sharri. About time China fessed up. Quite frankly, I'd like compensation for disrupted travel and retirement plans.

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