Shaun King, Far left Endorse Violence As Riots Erupt Over Kenosha Police Shooting, Twitter Allows It

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  1. Another career criminal, who resists arrests and tries to grab something out of his car, will get shot every time. The left wants the police to follow the guidance in the Vietnam war. Wait until someone is shooting at you, then call to get the OK to shoot back. Why do the left want to make career criminals their heroes?

  2. He is not high profile. He is low bar scumbag. According to Twitter's own rules, he should be removed for inciting violence, but he is not. Why?

    Because he claims that he is victim himself, so he is part of "protected groups". Story below may, or may not be a cause of that. Decide for yourself…

    He got his ass beaten down in a fight over some girl apparently. May it be that he feels oppressed since then?? ? That would be sad.

    "King reports that he was the victim of racism and hate crimes while growing up in Kentucky.[10] King told reporters that one day a pickup truck full of youths attempted to run him over with the vehicle on school property.[10] After reporting the incident to school authorities, King recalls that the authorities protected the youths rather than punishing them.[10]

    After this incident, King was assaulted while walking to band class.[11] King reported that a dozen youths beat him and the injuries caused him to miss a portion of two years of high school due to multiple spinal surgeries[10] and characterized the assault as a racially motivated hate crime.[12]In 2015, conservative media outlets questioned King's account of the assault[12] and, citing interviews with the investigating detective Keith Broughton and police reports on the case, characterized the fight as a one-on-one between King and another boy over a girl and that the injuries were minor. Broughton reportedly interviewed multiple witnesses, including a teacher who broke up the fight.[13]

    A band teacher, two fellow students from King's high school, as well as King's wife, posted their recollection of the event to Facebook, backing King's account.[13][12][14]"


  3. This is definitely a 2nd George Flyod incident… it's another false narrative that people use as an excuse to use violence. Only difference is it's already been proven justified

    And King is currently violating basically every platforms terms of service and arguably the law

  4. Good old SK another wanna be commie dictator that sadly many are just falling in love with. People need to really stop and think! Look at the big picture, look at history, look around you and don't buy into anything so easily!

  5. Blake resisted arrest, went to a car with kids and reached for something-to kill the kids? To use them as hostages? Naw-if it was my own flesh n blood, wouldn't feel sorry for him.

  6. I always wondered why there's a large subset of people who exclaim white supremacy of European culture as a whole. See I feel that if you want to play the race card why not take a play from Dave Chappelle and see where your perceived races heritage comes from. Why not revisit the past instead of destroying the past that the group authority dreams unworthy of history. I think it's a great concept to romanticize then equalize the conception of what both cultures have to offer. What is it that makes African Americans truly different from European American who spent generations in humble means? What's the difference between the trailer park and the ghetto? Not one thing. We have the opportunity to peirce the veil on how our ideology is formed and how history is created. It's all about the slow changing of fact to fiction and the tells of a structure that needs time to be effective. Look at how the museums, media and academia change is becoming more blatant. Looks more and more about incitement towards dualistic political ideology more than impartiality in the pursuit of truth.