She-Hulk – A Lesson In Terrible Writing

So it’s no secret that She-Hulk hasn’t exactly wowed audiences, but rather than just point and laugh at it, I figured I’d use it as an example of how NOT to develop a story and protagonist, and how these things could be done better. So join me as I break down the writing of She-Hulk.

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  1. Yeah I'm going to give this a miss 🥱 I'm sick of watching man bashing films and TV series. It's so obvious now it's tedious. Why does there need to be a women version of every single male super hero. Doesn't work the other way round.

  2. How is she a victim if she's stronger and better than everybody? If anything, this show only makes me think that she's a delusional fake victim. It's like those privileged kids that throw tantrums at the 5-star hotel hall because she didn't get exactly what she wanted, even tho her life is literally one of the most privileged and easiest in the history of humanity.

  3. The only entertainment shows like this provide to me is when they provide subject matter to channels like yours. This show like so many is absolute guff and didnt even bother with the first episode,

  4. I have a theory that these feminist writers might be somewhat on the spectrum. It's part of the metoo movement where these people for some reason believe words over action. This translates into screen writing where everything is stated and must them be fact vs portraying through action. I mean, the SJW movement can be summarized in a similar way. They choose to ignore actions and choose to focus on words only.

  5. Controlling your anger Infinitely more than the Hulk? Alright c'mon stop the cap.

    If Bruce never controlled his anger every single day if his life. Every single human on Earth would be dead and multiple heroes would be too.

  6. I hate being labeled homophobic because I think this is the stupidest show ever OMG this is just flat out stupid 😅🤣😂😅😂holy shit I didn't even have to watch the show to confirm this is stupid ….she hulk attorney at law 😅🤣😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂

  7. too bad TCD isn't broke woke or clearly he could have written a better show for the MCU. guess it's like everything else anymore, people chosen and power given not upon ability, but upon political line towing instead. oh well lol.

  8. Hembrist/LGTB/racial political propaganda never had good scripts and unfortunately today 90% of the shows produced by most platforms, leaded by Netflix and Disney produce this kind of crap. If only they defended those rights in the countries that actually need it (like those that follow misoginist religions and most 3rd world countries)

  9. So when is toxic femininity going to be a thing? Just so it's all equal like they want and all that 😂 I cannot imagine the person who green (pun intended) lighted this. Imagine comparing cat calling to everything Bruce has been through and expecting anyone with a brain cell to take it seriously, just fuckkkkkkkkkkkk

  10. In my opinion the one thing they got it really wrong is. Traditionally male superheroes fight MALE enemies. They DONT INTENTIONALLY defeat female characters. Its just male against male. Thats y theres no sexism involved to be honest. Woke culture got it all wrong in this aspect. If they fix this, everything will be great,
    Try wanda vision, the main vilian is a female. Hence no crazy need for female ego boosting, male belittling screen writing. They wanna so called 'expose' male toxicity but turn out to be the female version of what they hate most. Simple solution, fight a female villains instead of male

  11. Ok you won me over. I am enjoying the show minus a few things such as the episodes being too short. But yes the way she got her powers was cheapened and she contradicted herself by ranting to Bruce. The thing Marvel and many fans on twitter don’t understand is most men want these female characters and their stories in the MCU is just the writers don’t know how to demonstrate a compelling story without making it about them being women.

  12. This is what happens when you leave it entirely up to women with agendas to write a script. It just became a hypocrital sexist feeding frenzy. Alternatively, look how ridiculously macho the first ever Predator movie was. Yet it was fantastic and not a single hyper-woke woman in sight to f'*ck things up, except for one primo female support who acted her role perfectly and easily on par with her male colleagues. Overt man-bashing is a poor way to force a cultural shift in respect, you might wanna change tack ladies.

  13. On point, as usual, but as I refuse to watch this garbage, can anyone explain to me how Bruce Banner, y'know, the guy that once tried to off himself, but the Big Guy spat the bullet out, ended up unconscious and bleeding in the face of a life threatening situation, instead of Hulking out? Was that device on his arm there to stop him transforming?

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