She-Hulk just told us fans to F O.

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Titania Maslany hates fans of She-Hulk comics and told us what she thought of us in Insulting Variety magazine interview.

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  1. This article has a real "Firefighter Arsonist brags about how good they are at spotting fires they've started" vibes. Well, that's not fair to Firefighter Arsonists, as they usually try and put out the fires they start, while Gao is just cackling and dancing around her garbage fire.

  2. I'm an amateur writer. I could imagine being hired to write for the show even though I haven't been a SH fan in the past. Jobs a job. Have bills to pay. Still, before I started, I would have read up on everything SH I could get to make sure my version of SH would ring true and please her fans. In other words, I would respect the work and the fans. Which clearly this writing staff does not.

  3. I don't really like the last episode coz it feels too rubbish when the last 2 decade Marvel is trying to build a reality of out comic. now the show is telling it's just a fake world blah blah blah….. and man, I love Netflix's DD. now she-hulk makes DD like a clown….

  4. I fucking love your honest straight up reaction in this video. It’s exactly how I felt too.
    It was fun to laugh at before but now it’s a fucking abomination.

    Pun intended.

  5. These writers can’t take any criticism and think they should get away with disrespecting the source material and fans. They deserved all the backlash they got. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  6. here in switzerland i saw posters for this show everywhere.
    so let me get this straight. this show was made just as a giant troll by some feminazis and SOMEHOW they also managed to get a huge marketing budget for it?

    why even?

  7. oh mighty gods of the algorithm let it be known that this user enjoyed the video entirely watching all the way to the end and then dropping a thumbs up before leaving a comment. Thanks you for the distraction.

  8. The logic of the team of banshees behind this show seems to be: a bunch of bitter old broads can create any auld shite they like; so long as they predict and incorporate the inevitable criticism into their steaming turd, they can slap themselves on their backs, call themselves genius-level trolls and be done with it. Somehow I doubt this attitude will cut any ice with the fans or the moneymen. (Yeah I said it.)

  9. Sometimes, sir, only profanity will say what needs to be said. I honestly don't think Hollywood wants us fans to be involved with their shows, any longer. Rings of power started calling us names before the show ever aired, She Hulk's entire plot was a mockery of their sincere fans. There have been other recent examples, also. I've been a fan of Lord of the Rings for more than 50 yrs, I can't even express how much I love the books. If I could only have 5 books in my library, 3 of them would be Lord of the Rings and I'd have a hard time deciding between Silmarillion and a Bible. I've enjoyed the Marvel movies. I was a fan of DC Comics when a teenager (and very rare for a girl back then!) but find I really missed something with Marvel. Absolutely loved the first Thor, Ironman and Spiderman movies. Is there really an audience they want? Teenage girls with identity crises, but girls who read comics was always somewhat rare. I think Hollywood – and Marvel (MCU) needs to be humbled by something that takes them down a few more pegs. I don't know what could possibly do that.

  10. Of course it’s Variety , the same company that published a hit piece on Johnny Depp, interviewing a someone that worked on a misandrist show that was made for a streaming service owned by a company that fired Johnny Depp. It’s all coming together ,Hollywood is about dividing and abusing . Martin Scorsese was right all along about how Hollywood lost its passion for the art along time ago

  11. Hey chato, Still trying to learn about this whole business and it's getting hilarious. So what I learned is that they actually have enough money And power to produce a crap show and then shit on themselves and the audience with the concluding episode. They must have a lot of money sloshing around Is to be able to crap on their own product. Your Mr. Canoe head was a much better production.

  12. “There is so much resistance to a female superhero existing in this space”, I’m not too familiar with She-Hulk but isn’t the character over 20 years old? She’s existed in this space for decades. They act like they’re breaking new ground, when they’re not. Gender equality is not controversial in the West. Female lawyers and female superheroes are a social norm. I’m sick of these people trying to take credit for something they haven’t contributed to

  13. I’m sure Chato knows many very talented writers that have a proven track record of success and would have done a wonderful job with this show but they are all unemployed because they are not the “right” type of person

  14. Relative newcomer to your channel. Have only watched since She Hulk premiered, in fact. Have never seen you so visibly angry. Not a criticism on my part there, just stating how ennervating the Variety article must have been to read for you as an honest critic of the show. I enjoyed She Hulk myself, but can agree that it was a mess. To allude to another Englishman, the writers would often fail to adhere to Eliot's Objective Correlative, and unlike Hamlet, there was nothing profound being created or said in the deviation. For example, they teased Matt Murdock is coming in one episode, then totally pull the rug out from underneath viewer expectations with an episode about a woman and her bestiality. Yep, not remotely satisfying to me. Anywho, thank you for creating constructive criticism here. One could hope that Feige will not hesitate to bring in better writers, even men, as you alluded to, next season. But with the waves of MeToo still at high crest, I doubt he will bother.

  15. It could have been a great series for SH to start as a sucky lawyer, super hero and person. Through the course of the series, with hard work, two steps forward, one back, she is a success at the end. We toxic fan babies would have been jumping out of seats to cheer for her.

  16. Someone, please someone, do a gender swap of She-Hulk of all the main characters, film it and stick it on YouTube.

    Be careful to not actually make it funny, make it just as creepy, especially have the line of wanting the hot female character to have sex with, because a man has needs. I mean, you'll be likely banned from YouTube for misogyny, but at least a point will be made.

  17. Young Tats is going to have to follow up She-Hulk with another Orphan Black if she wants to have a career in another few years' time. If she doesn't, this could be the last time she gets to address fans as anything but a member of the public.

  18. The thing is that we need to understand is what's going on with Kevin Feige. I think that he's going down a path that countless wealthy and successful people have gone down before: They've become wealthy and successful, but they've never been respected in certain circles of the Left. They get to a certain point where they are rich enough and successful enough that they set their sights on a new prize: pleasing the Left. This has happened over and over and over. Off the top of my head, I will say it happened to Bill Gates, Stephen Spielberg, Taylor Swift. And now I think it's happened to Feige. He's not trying to make Marvel Succeed. He's trying to prove his woke bona fides so that he can get the triple crown: money, success, and RESPECT from publications like Variety and the New York Times and probably other highfalutin artsy publications and organizations in the "film" world.

  19. Yes alienating a HUGE portion of the Marvel fan base and making it a certainty that they won't watch this trash. That's a move a genius would make apparently? Usually good writing is remembered. A year from now no one will remember this pile of crap.

  20. She decided to make a F**Y* to the "trolls" before she knew there were going to be trolls? Maybe they weren't trolls? Maybe they were just fans that she set out to P***O**? Now we know the truth. It was deliberate.

  21. I remember up to 10 years ago, movies and tv shows had very interesting gay and women characters. I never gave a second thought for their presence in the screen. Now, games-movies-tv shows whenever I hear the words "female protagonist, inclusivity, diversity, gay" I simply don't watch because chances are it's going to be sh*t.

  22. Hey, Kevin, FUCK YOU. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. H'mm maybe I'm being mean to the horse. That horse has more integrity and writing chops than the morons that came up with this dumpster fire.

  23. Fuck them all. And not in a Dare Devil does the walk of shame way. Just…in general.

    Marvel is gone now in my book. These are the crows and maggots picking the bones of something that used to mean something. Like common sense.

  24. Of course, Fiege. I enjoyed the first episode…the Finale; however, I have never seen such dreadful drivel. I'm neither toxic, nor a troll, but it's childish to call anyone with criticism, genuine criticism lovely ad hominem, but refuse to address the flaws in plot, character or drawing some actual intrigue. It was boring, then turned insulting and when we rightly react to such insults, we're freaking gaslighted. lol

  25. I think the more time you give them the more there gonna try and piss us off,I watched the first episode didn’t watch any more cause I knew it would be dog shit,you know the old saying any advertising is a win which most people who hate this show are giving them,just stop giving them air to breath and let it blow over like a turd in the wind 👍🏻

  26. I don't understand how they couldn't make a middle ground, with some, fun interesting stories, and doing some, I dunno, meta narrative. Instead, since episode 1, it's like defensive, reactive to criticism, seeking for praise in every single issue, and attacking to everybody who doesn't like whatever was…this.
    It's the equivalent of a Karen in series form. "Everybody else has the fault. And I'm always right."

  27. Please for the love of god , just stop watching anything from Marvel. Give them the WB treatment , Zazlav the Impaler is not great but he’s doing what Bob Paycheck and Kevin Fiege could never do and that’s reevaluating the company. Zazlav cut ties with films and shows because they wouldn’t and weren’t bringing in money , something Disney didn’t do. I hate what Disney has become ( from the corruption of the park , to the destruction of there films and television) but they’re gonna keep doing that because people are watching , people are paying. Cut your Disney plus accounts , don’t buy shop Disney , don’t go to the parks. And even if all of that doesn’t work , you don’t lose anything because hopefully your pockets will be full .

  28. The hacks who make She-Hulk are the type of people would cut off their noses to spite their faces. They'd rather destroy something that so many people, themselves included apparently, love, just to try to get even with their perceived enemy. Not only are they tilting at windmills, but their spiteful and vengeful nature layers bare their neurotic tendencies and emotional insecurities. Imagine the narassitic lack of awareness you'd have to have to pat yourself on the back for shitting where you eat.

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