She-Man: Disasters of the Pooniverse


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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I grew up on He-Man and enjoyed it when I was a kid, but the show was always only meant to be an advertisement for the toys anyway and the show just happened to take off in popularity briefly. I’m not watching this new He-Man regardless.

  2. Seems like no matter how many times you tell all the nerds beating their nostalgia boners over their standoms while doing their best comic book guy impression online when these cash grab a thon's pop up that they still haven't got the message.

  3. Companies like Netflix measure success in "social media mentions and impressions". They don't care if it's good or bad. They just care that you're talking about it. And they know that the best way to get you talking about something is to make you angry

  4. 7:03 that was more value in an 80's cartoon that we've seen in the past decade from hollywood. That shit use to be seen as hokey and taken for granted as just 'common sense'.

  5. I don't know why people are surprised cause everything else he did was garbage so why would this He-Man shit be any different? Clerks was garbage. Never bothered with Clerks 2 cause what I saw of the first movie told me it was shit so anything following after it would be shit as well.

  6. I quite enjoyed Mark Hamill as Skeletor yelling "he's just a boy! And that boy is holding all the power of the universe in his bare hands!" Unfortunately 5 seconds of awesome was all they could manage in 5 episodes…

  7. A nontroversy is exactly what it is. As someone who suffered through the original cartoons, I can tell you that it sucked then, as it sucks now; albeit in a different way.

    And as someone who has followed Smith's career, I can assure you, he was a wokester then as surely as he is a wokester now.

    That people can muster a single, flying fuck about He-Man, while corrupt elites conduct criminality in broad daylight, is almost beyond my comprehension.

    Almost, because it has been thoroughly demonstrated to me that a shocking number of people have checked the fuck out, demonstrated by their blind obeisance to their vile overlords and their venal ways.

  8. I grew up with the original He-Man, Voltron, Thundercats, Gi Joe, Transformers, etc and even I felt nothing but apathy for the Teela show. I was a little excited for the reboot but felt nothing when it was gone. I'm still upset over the 2011 Thundercats reboot being axed the way it was but as for Roar, I look at it with disgust and ignore it.