She never thought it would get this BAD

Liz is feeling the pressure as primary day gets closer CNN asks her if everything she’s done was worth it


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  1. People in Wyoming don’t want her so I guess being on the committee was the ultimate goal and had nothing to do with representing the people in Wyoming. 😂 bye send us a postcard from looserville

  2. I bet most democrats out there feel as important and untouchable as Liz Cheney does so these mid terms are going to be pretty to watch. I do hope that once they get smacked in the election that they then cop the same treatment that President Trump got ALL the time he was in office and is still having to deal with to this day.

  3. It is amazing these cheating scum can say or suggest the underhanded method of subverting the system right to our faces out loud , Democrats register as republican so you can vote for her in the primary. If only Democrats were good at something other than being low life's. That's unbelievable. Truly Amazing People.

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