Sheriff: Baldwin Could Face Charges, LIVE Ammo Recovered | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar give an update on the Alec Baldwin shooting story and whether the actor could face charges after live ammo was recovered from the crime scene

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  1. He should be charged. IDC what "safety" rules they have in Hollywood, this was a real gun with real ammo. Alec negligently discharged the firearm & killed a woman. If he had of followed even a single rule of firearms safety, this would have been 100% avoided.

  2. you know the only difference between a live round and a dummy round? Gun powder. If Baldwin checked the gun he would see a bullet with lead and it would look like a live round. It was not on Baldwin. It was on anyone who kept live rounds on set.

  3. Maybe you should not do a report if you don't know any of the facts. There were literally four people responsible for checking the gun before it should have been handled the way it was. Alec Baldwin was the last in the line I'm people who should have checked the gun for live ammo. The first one was the armorer Hannah Gutierrez. She failed. The next was the guy who handed it to Alec Baldwin rather than give it to the key grip, he failed. He declared it a cold weapon. Which means no live rounds. The person who ended up dying should have had the opportunity to examine the weapon before it was pointed in her Direction because the shot required begun to be pointed at the camera. And finally Alec Baldwin should have looked at it. Protocol was not followed. Yes Saagar we know just by looking at you that you're not a gun guy. You're clearly a soyboy beta male. But maybe you should do at least a little bit of research or have some research staff do a basic Google search on a topic before you just start offering your opinion instead of fact.

  4. As I understand it, some types of revolvers don't need manual cocking. You just pull the trigger and the gun cocks itself and fires the round. Also, it is not strange that the actor had not doubted that the gun he was handed to fire for effect contained anything but blank rounds.

  5. Proper firearm safety requires that every firearm must be assumed to be loaded and handled as such. It is surprising to me that people who are anti-gun fanatics would not take a few moments to prove the firearm safe before pointing it anywhere. It might be wise to begin requiring a firearm safety course for any actor and crew members who will use firearms on-set.

  6. Effin wrong – IT DOES NOT MEAN, " SOMEONE PUT A LIVE ROUND IN THERE, CLOSED THE GUN AND GAVE IT TO MR. BALDWIN." Wrong and WTF is wrong with you for saying that? What – Baldwin is hated enough by the public at large that you feel safe with not stating facts?

  7. If you're asking why they have live rounds it's very obviously for maintaining a level of fidelity and realism in filming. You don't need to fire a blank a if you're aiming down a range trying to capture footage of live rounds being expended.
    Still at the end of the day Baldwin as the operator of the weapon shouldve been required to do basic safety and function checks to ascertain the state of the weapon and if he didn't know how to do them then he's in no position to be handling such a weapon

  8. Not all revolvers require you to cock the hammer back. Revolvers come in one of two ways. A single stage and a double stage revolver. One needs the operator to manually pull the hammer into the firing position, the other has the hammer linked to the trigger, so pulling the trigger and pulling the hammer back are all done in a single action.
    Now I don't know what type of revolver was used here, but your explanation leaves a lot to be desired on the factual legitimacy front when it comes to talking about guns. I'd be happy to help with any research you guys need, as I'm a gun enthusiast who mainly focuses on WW2/ alternative firing method guns. Revolvers are among my favorite type, so this may have just stuck out as poor wording. 2:20

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