She’s Done! Her Campaign Is Over.


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  1. Ok if a fetus is only 4-5mm, how could anything possibly pick up a sound of a ~.25-.5mm heartbeat? I don’t agree with her “manufactured” comment, but I don’t see how a “heart” this small could even make a sound at this stage.

  2. How is her campaign over LHM? The only idiots who would vote for her would believe anything they are told. Like men can get pregnant. Come on, only the brain dead voting zombie morons would believe this. I don't expect her to get elected, the only way she can win is to steal the election.

  3. Hey that just show you how dumb Democrats are they a professional Liars do anything and say anything to get your vote they think that they are smarter than you and above you take a look at the Democratic Grand cities look how much destruction they have caused better yet take a look at sleepy Joe

  4. Why does it seem like they ACTUALLY REALLY WANT TO KILL CHILDREN? Why else keep trying to push the understanding so it's ok to abort babies with an actual beating heart? UNless they want the heart beating when the baby is aborted.

  5. Says the woman that doesn’t have any kids. I have two and I can assure you that a heartbeat does exist at that time. It’s not my business if you want to abort pregnancies at 6 weeks, but to gaslight individuals to pretend like a life isn’t actively growing in the womb is crap. I’m holding my breath until social media sites will slap the “disinformation” tag on Stacy’s quote there.

  6. They all hate us white people they all hate their neighbor the old skin worshiped themselves they don’t worship Jesus Christ love your neighbor dope or false witness no one’s a racist or fascist and forgiveness everyone

  7. I use to believe peer reviewed studies were trustworthy, then I became one of the 7 million pain patients who were abandoned by the Healthcare system over the "opioid epidemic"… Peer reviewed simply means, think tank. It's honestly just another think tank, used to push a narrative. I trust independent study, far more. Think of it this way, "9 out of 10 dentists prefer (insert name of toothpaste)". When you're in college, for any type of medicine, you're required to research from THEIR approved list. You aren't allowed to research outside the box. I have no more faith in anything medicine, especially peer reviewed studies.

  8. The left are weak minded people ! And the leftist overlords can tell them any nonsense they want to and know they will believe it ! When you have people that can be easily brainwashed, manipulated, and indoctrinated you can push them in ANY direction you want to !

  9. It seems like since Planned Parenthood targets the Black community for abortions & that the black population has decreased(not sure if it is related to abortion), that Ms Abrams would loose a majority of black votes. That makes sense, but Hank Johnson continues to win Dekalb County by landslides for the House of Reps, & his opinions on any subject appears to be coming from someone whose elevator does not reach the top floor. Georgia voters need to come out in droves & vote for Governor Kemp for 4 more years by such a wide margin, that Ms. Abrams will return to her home sweet home of Mississippi. And voters need to send Warnock packing from the Senate & elect Hershel Walker as the next Senator from Georgia. This is for a 6 year term, so this is more important than ever.

  10. Well, what do you expect from the left? How can the heartless tell the difference of an embro heart to a developed one?

    Besides, I can just bet the reason Stacy Abrams thinks like this us because she has never had a real relationship with a real man in her life.

  11. if it IS the heart muscle and it IS rhythmically contracting to move blood around the body and if it SOUNDS like a heartbeat on an ultrasound, then it is a heartbeat. all they did was break down the definition into its component parts

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