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  1. Lets look at what the truth really is when we look at our president. Afganistan this is what Biden is doing to America. Selling Americans America down the drain

  2. Nancy is one deceitful and dangerous woman. She doesn’t care whose life she ruins by her pathological lying. To think that she will probably end up as VP, is one horrible thought. Harris and Pelosi, as we continue to plummet into the realm of slavery to the Globalist.

  3. The reason pelosi is adamant about wearing that stupid mask is so no one can see her move her mouth like she’s high on crack, this pig of a woman forces the mask on so many others because she can’t keep her teeth from falling out of her face

  4. Everyone knows politicians are devil's they lie steal and kill ..Trump is no politician…that's why they hate him they worship the devil and have been exposed….i@i…YESHUA in the Clouds…Bless you

  5. I hate the way "Rep/Cons leaders" have spoken about these Patriots & stayed silent on the bLM riots & killings & robberies, what happened to the lassie that got shot in the neck, Why did she have to die?? &
    Some Rep/Cons actually give crazy violent leftists a pass when they destroy the sole of America, (Confession) I'm a 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧 & it's soooo obvious from here, and your election was stolen, as will the Cali mayoral election, God bless Larry Elder though.

  6. So much time and money wasted.. because the Elites finally had someone tell them to their snotty faces, "NO." Nothing to back up their delusions except other delusional brainlets.

  7. They don't care if they ruin America to stay in power, don't they even think about their own offspring down the road having to live in the mess that there Is creating in this self serving manner?.. Pathetic

  8. I knew Jan 6th was a setup the second I saw the big rebel flag. Trump supporters would have made them take the flag down. i would have stood up to them and recognized their infiltration and sabotage instantly. WHO was the person holding the large rebel flag? Guarantee it was FBI…I also bet they only had it flying long enough to get a photo.

  9. Neither side thought of this, but it did occur to me that, when you have 50,000+ ppl in a place, you will have random troublemakers. You have also an area that was understaffed as far as security goes.

  10. The capitol theatre was made possible by the deep state (Left and Right) in order for all of the politicians to have an excuse to dump the election fraud investigations. None of the swamp rats wanted a real investigation. None of them could withstand another four years of Trump exposing them. We learned that an outsider needs to be president to trip-up these rats.

  11. I keep hearing about how bad and embarrassing the left is doing, and I agree. But, what is actually being done to correct this? Why is the administration not being held accountable for these travesties?

  12. Look at Maxine Waters town that she represents she has anfeces and BLM running rampant killing burning and looting businesses. So what charges do we need to go after Maxine Waters for?

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