‘She’s nothing less than dangerous’ | Neil Oliver hits out at Jacinda Ardern over ‘tyranny’

‘She’s nothing less than dangerous.’

Neil Oliver speaks to Dan Wootton about whether Jacinda Ardern has become the acceptable face of tyranny.

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  1. The real climate that changes is ones perception.
    That my dear people will keep clearing, the more hardship that comes to your door from those that dictate its narrative you will see with more and more clarity the dirt that was infesting, clogging and choking your ability to see the clarity of ones own mind and its wishes to create freely in harmonious accord. Their harmoniums are somewhat dis-cordant. Hamonic resonance is cutting its way through their dim din.

  2. See how it works? You label speech that you don’t agree with as hate speech. You label speech you don’t agree with as a weapon of war. Orwell explained it so we’ll so long ago. Control speech and you can redefine perceived reality. That is how you achieve and maintain control over society. In their own minds they are the anointed saviors of mankind. Without free speech there is no real freedom. Period.

  3. I love Neil Oliver, such a great bloke. Used to love watching Coast, even bought one of his books on History of Britain. I know this guy is super intelligent and feel privileged to share the same thoughts as him 🙏 Hearing him speak, gives me great comfort on everything I've experienced and had thoughts on over the last few years.

  4. We vote these people in thru spells and lies and then, in a place of complacency, allow them to steam roller us into the dust and we will even pay for the diesel. we are all to blame and must own the errors of our stupidity.

  5. The fact Dan has deliberately removed his new zealand accent despite growing up there says alot about his chip on his shoulder about New zealand. Purposefully taken Arderns comments out of context here. She meant that government messages were accurate and could be relied on . Why don't you interview Ardern on these issues instead of slagging her off?

  6. She’s a globalist puppet. She is a graduate of the world economic forum. She’s also a crystal meth addict. This woman cannot be trusted. She has no Concern for the citizens in New Zealand.. She’s compromised and pure evil

  7. No to a one world government; No to the cashless society; No to social scoring systems; No to a one world religion; No to the unelected World Economic Forum; I could go on and on…………

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