“SHE’S PLAYING A GAME!!” Ben Chew BRUTALLY brings down Amber Heard 💪😂

Written by Blue Treacle


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  1. Amber Heard, isn't much different in the head then Jodi Aries. You all remember that narcissistic woman who killed her ex lover and left him for dead in his own house. I think that if Amber was giving a chance, she would have murdered Johnny.

  2. They were all playing a game anyway…Johnny wanted the latest hot young thing in HW on his arm, to make him look good…She wanted the fame and publicity that came with being JD's latest fling…she asked for money in the divorce, she said she gave it to charity, and he tried to send it directly to charity to get the tax breaks…they deserve to get nothing from the whole mess, their careers are over anyway….

  3. The man admits to using all kind of drugs and yall find it hard to believe hè beated her when yall even see it on tape but hè is the demonic public’s favorite So hè has the fame money and power to get away with it like they all get away with the evil shit they do cuz they got a little Fame they use all kind of drugs and then its still So hard to believe when the evidence is in front of their nose but they both probably insane cuz Arent they all doing THIS for money in the end both cuz these are not criminal charges RIGHT its just a tv show I guess 🤣😂 What a show it is whole of usa is watching I guess that’s worth it then 😬they just had a toxic relationship they both voluntary was in So i dont even understand why it Turned in a tv show and ehh by the way people that use alcohol and drugs and cocaïne en pills and all well they Really do things like that So now What all of Amerika is just naïeve and wanna play dumb they choose who they wanna believe and the truth has nothing to do with it anyway everybody knows If you use drugs in those extremes that it is gonna effect behavior but not yall favorite actor nooooooo its just her fault 😂 people are So FUCKING lame they believe who They wanna believe they dont look at the evidence or facts or truth they just see it how They want to see it 😂 its all a fame money game cuz didnt the girl had some witnesses turned on her when it was time to put on the show and then licked his ass clean cuz I guess hè does have power and i dont think she is all innocent she was there accepting it for the same money and power and now she wanna go against that So hè probably even pay her witnesses thats how it goed everybody looking at her as If she lying i dont think she is lying tho but they sure make it look like she the one that’s on all dose cocaine alcohol pills and all so funny how they turn things around so easily with just a little demon money

  4. Once this is case is done with, Ambers most recognisable acting job is over. She can find a rich idiot who can fund her lifestyle, then fade into obscurity.
    Honestly, I can't wait to see the ending on this.

  5. A man hit a woman – he is a monster. A woman hits a man – she's strong, she's a women's model. Gender equality? I've never seen that in my life, maybe in this court, at least

  6. At the end of the day, Depp won’t receive a penny from Amber in the form of restitution. Heard won’t spend one moment in jail or prison…..and within a short time frame, all will be forgotten and she’ll resume making movies probably. No accountability whatsoever.

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