Shitlibs Literally Think Jimmy Dore Is Causing The Apocalypse

Oh dear god please let this be the peak of Jimmy Dore Derangement Syndrome.

Link to the Matt Orfalea video:

Article with links and sources:

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. Is it a coincidence that this bat-shit-crazy derangement syndrome seems to have been whipped up in a bat-cave lab by mad scientists? On a different subject, Bill Gates and Fauci aren't on the Apoca-list either.

  2. Jimmy Dore is the one person on that last that Progressives don't do business with. I take immense pleasure knowing how many shitlibs will be killed when the dollar collapses.

  3. Please ignore Jimmy's non-stop boasting that his show has a bigger audience than most of the shows on MSNBC and CNN. Also pay no attention to JD's claim that the corporate media is out to destroy him because he's so very dangerous. The first person you need to convince that Jimmy Dore isn't a king-maker is Jimmy Dore.

  4. NATO KONST has the gall 2 call out military contractors when she went 2 post Gaddafi Libya paid by NATO 2 help the "rebel" woman learn how 2 make propaganda 4 social media! She was hoping most would forget so she could play leftist but Dore called her out now JIMMY is the antichrist.SMFH

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