Shock as Russia captures Chernobyl power plant

Russian forces have captured the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in what one official described as “one of the most serious threats in Europe today”.
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  3. Если бы Россия не взяла под контроль Чернобыль, то нацисты точно бы устроили подрыв

  4. Надо было слышать плач Донецких и луганский детей мои европейские "друзья")))

  5. Politicians are the clowns of this world. Politics is a cockfight and a dog bites a dog. One day, when politicians completely withdraw from the stage of history… Perhaps, this is the beginning of the real progress of human civilization.🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Ukraine and Russia both have opposing interest. Diplomacy should be chosen over war. Now that Ukraine gets significant sophisticated weaponry… good luck. Hope that once the war is over, both Ukraine and Russia remember the war horrors, take each other's security concerns seriously and do their utmost to avoid war at all cost. Putin and Zelensky both to reflect on their actions and the loss of lives they have caused. Praying for the innocent.

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  8. Where are your actual journalists on the ground? You spliced a whole bunch of videos taken by citizens and just called it the take over. Do some real journalism and not just repost videos.

  9. Ukraine people will prevail,LONG LIVE UKRAINE,whole world is watching,whole world is on your side,stay strong and fight! cheers from Croatia!we had a very similar situation back in 90's,when the whole Yugoslavian Army(then 3rd biggest army in europe) and Serbian paramilitia tried to occupy our country,they failed,so will Russians.cheers,love and support from Croatia!

  10. People are one sided though, because the western countries don't really understand how deeply involved Ukraine is with Russia..

    Even during the the Times of the USSR….It's only when the Soviet Union crumbled that Ukraine went for Independence which basically was a big middle finger to their neighbour Russia which led to a declining relationship between each other…much more than people realise led up to this conflict…Which is also why approx 80% of Ukrainians are helping Russia and the Separatists fight government forces…

  11. Stop the war and join together and make wonders. EUROPEAN UNION, UKRAINE AND RUSSIA JOIN TOGETHER. STOP THE WAR. Because at the end no one achieve anything more than a beautiful smile and ties.

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